Making more Slice skins options


I’m a professional 3D and special effects artist.
I would like to add some skin design for Slice Skin,
How do I create that? What software do I need?
If you like, I can share it with you guys …


Creating custom skins really depends on your programming skills and familiarity with Linux. If you search on the Kodi wiki you will find plenty of info.

To start off, Kodi recommends modding an existing skin - perfectly permissible under the terms of an open source licence. Forum members have started to mod the Slice skin to use other fonts, for example.

I have been fiddling with a modded skin and am close (!) to being able to incorporate different themes. What’s most important is to copy a skin from Slice onto a computer - that way you’re not going to mess up your Slice!


I have managed so far to custom the current slice skin, the one that other forum members did to use with other fonts, so I can change the background image of each Slice existing Theme and “homeselect” color, Using Kodi -Texturing tool.

I not too familiar with Linux. But I can create really cool user interface design and experience, with my CG knowledge.
Does anyone here who has programming skills and familiarity with Linux would like to cooperate with me ??


Just some material tests:


Love the last one, don’t suppose its free media? If so would be great to add to the standard Slice skin




Hey Gordon,
I’m just testing some skins,
If you like, I love to create some versions for you guys to add to the standard Slice.
The last one is the one I currently use at home. Originally the photo is from a free desktop theme web site, and I manipulated the colors and size, so it suppose to be ok.
Let me know if you want it…


Thanks to Oranad, I have modded the skin.slice directory to incorporate his beautiful waves background. I have named it RollingThunder, and it can be found here:

The zip file is called ‘skin.slicemods-0.9.4’.



Hello oranad,

The wave was really good, thanks.
Can I also suggest you try creating a “ninja” theme? (with either one or five ninjas) :slight_smile:


+1 for me too! I’d love to see more oranad creations!


Hey guys, Thanks !
I’m really busy here with a major animation project,
When I’m done I’ll do some more skins…


+1 for the last one too. Love it :slight_smile:


One vote for the wave.


and finally new skin is coming:

Say Hello to new Kodi default Estuary skin

walkthrough preview:

…looking forward to v17 aka Krypton :slight_smile:


If anyone would like to add skins i have created a copy of the skin on github, feel free to submit changes :slight_smile:



Please tell me you haven’t checked in the licensed images / fonts into github?



i only have the unlicensed skin. the link for which is in your git repo, is there an issue with that?


No that’s fine!

I was thinking of pushing the unlicensed skin into github so that you could then alter it (I’d make you a team member for it so you could do it yourself), then add it as an option to the standard SliceOS build. Then people can add their own media to develop a community (unlicensed) skin for SliceOS…

What do you think?



Sounds good to me, if we can get anyone wanting to contribute to the skin

I have uploaded it here for the moment, i have also updated the so that it grabs the version on github when building a release


Ah OK,

I’m assuming that some of those are not open licenses… I don’t think we can add it as an option

Do you know where the images came from and whether they have all been vetted beforehand?



These are all taken from

all look to be from DeviantArt maybe @ninyule can confirm