Making more Slice skins options


Yep, all taken from DeviantArt and thus in the public domain.


PS. I could add more but it takes a while for each one, and as usual I have had zero feedback!


Are there some previews pics from the skin?


The backgrounds are here


@ninyule I’m guilty of using and not leaving feedback. I personally love rolling thunder but to use harbour sometimes…I chop and change a lot as I get bored of the same background.

I’m not a fan of the background images that have to much happening in them.


Do you know what the licensing is for the website? Just because it is downloadable from a website doesn’t make it OK to re-distribute it…

I couldn’t find any useful information about licensing on their website so can only assume you’re breaking the law redistributing it. At the least you should acknowledge each author…

It’s a shame but I was hoping that we could give the community the chance to add / edit their own skin for Slice but I can’t integrate it into the build unless I know what the licensing terms are.



I will try and find more info, until then i will remove the offending items


@Gordon, you are right, the site does not address this issue. I think they are saying they are merely a showplace for art.

In that case I think we must assume that the art is not freely distributable - apologies for that.


@Gordon, @MikeBuzz, I am working on getting images from this site:

I am assuming that these will be fine as long as there is a caption on the photo showing the url of the source??