Media scraping, playable filetypes and size



I am about to retire my old trusty Boxee Box and found the slice yesterday!

Seems promising but i have a few questions.

Will the slice/kodi identify with help of NFO files and is there a unidentified files information folder or something for the files it cant identify properly?

Will it identify and be able to play .rar files?

Is it possible, if bought with HDD to have a seperate network library and seperate internal storage library if taken on the road?

What are the measurements of the slice?

Noobish questions from a noobish user:D

With regards


Hello Panda !

I’ll try to answer some of your questions. Slice can identify media automatically based on name of files. THe naming convention is as per this link for TV Shows and Movies. You can set a folder as the location for a particular type of media - Movies, TV Shows, Music, etc. - and when you update the library. This is how Kodi works and nothing special about Slice ! You can also take a look at the Slice How-To Wiki on using the device. It’s work in progress but a reliable source of how to get a Slice up and running.

You can create separate profiles for HDD and network. What this means is that based on the profile, Slice will access and display media from that source.

The physical dimensions of the device are 13 cm x 10.6 cm x 3.2 cm

Hope this helps !


That was a good functionality from Boxee Box that unfortunately Kodi (XBMC) doesn’t have.

If oyu want to test your library, .rar files download Kodi on your PC and test it out, it;s the same software inside SLICE.

Also the slice is small similar to Apple TV to give you an idea, I bourght SLICE to replace my Boxee Box too and couldn’t be happier