More News And Some 'How To' Videos


Hi Everyone!

So - 121 Slice cases have landed with us and all the PCBs are now clearing customs in the UK. While we get some pics together and wait for the boards to actually be delivered I thought I’d post a few bits to tide you over…

First up, I have finally put some ‘How To’ videos together you can find them in an album on our Vimeo channel at the link below. I’ll constantly update and add to these, so please let me know what you think!

You’ll find everything from a complete software walkthrough to individual tutorials on how to set up
wifi, change themes and add movies.

Secondly here is a short video shot by our superstar Niko - on the ground in
Taiwan. It’s the very first batch of cases leaving just before Chinese
New Year started :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy this mini update, we’ll be back with another one when we have all the parts in one place.

We are also currently trying to arrange a Ninja meet up which we’ll cover if and when it happens :wink:

Stay with us!

On behalf of Mo and the Ninjas.

Source: Kickstarter page.


very exciting :slight_smile:


It’s a shame none of them will have my name on it…but can’t wait to hear what people have to say about them once they receive theirs.


Same for me @gallagj8 but things are moving on the right direction now and we nearly at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile:


Just wondering when will the first batch of Slice ship to customers will they be sometime this week, and hoping buyers will give their first impressions and post photos and maybe a unboxing video


Hi @Mo loving the ‘how to’ videos, thanks. Would it be possible to show images for each theme; architecture, neon etc. here. Would be great to see them and then be able to pick in advance rather than trying out each. Thanks


Half the fun in setting XBMC/Kodi up is playing with all the themes and settings :wink:


Shipping email address confirmation are being sent out, received mine just now :smile:

Also there is some action going on at the Ninja’s factory (Source:Twitter)


I haven’t received an email yet. Do you think this is only for the people who are in the 1st shipment batch?


I don’t know, I’m backer #235 so was surprise to get it.


How do you find out your backer number?


Go onto Kickstarter, Login, go to your profile and Backer History, then click on the campaign and your backer number is displayed in the middle.



Downside: I’m a long way down the list, then.

Upside: I ordered red! I’d forgotten I’d done that, and the red turned out to be awesome!