Movies not visible in folder


There are a bunch of movies that appear when I connect to my Mac over USB but don’t appear when I go into the files list on the Slice. In fact, when I play a movie that’s already in the library list, I get the “The file is no longer available. Would you like to remove it form the library?” dialog. But the file is very much present…

This happened ‘suddenly’; I was running the nightly build with Slice skin. I thought the issue would get resolved when I re-install the OS, I installed bloody (no change) and then back to Nightly with absolutely no success.

As a bit of additional information, TV Shows and Music work as expected. Movies alone is causing issues.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Can you give us the full title of the files (or a couple of examples)


@Gordon All of my movies are follow the format “Name [year]” - for instance The Avengers [2012]. I saw another thread on the same on this forum and there was a hint about subtitle files causing the issue. I deleted the late few subtitle files as I did not know which was added last and everything worked fine.

That said, I usually find that subtitle files are the same as the movie file name, but for one it started with “._”. While I didn’t try checking by just deleting the file, I thought in retrospect that this could have been a problem as it was the only thing amiss.

If required, I shall rename one of the subtitle files to the format above and then try…