My Slice tried to update but file says size wrong [ANSWERED]


If i use recover what should I be using to update.
Three are listed but there are no indications of whats to use
nightly, stable or bloody It would be good to incorporate a date or version number.


Stable is the latest stable release, and the recommended choice if you don’t have special needs or wants to test stuff.


Hi Sparky,
Gordon has said that for this update you will need to go through the NOOBS update screen, ie press the Ninja button during boot up, (must also use Ethernet cable, not WiFi) then do the update from there, this is necessary, this once, because he has had to adjust the size of some of the partitions, which is why you are getting the error. Nightly or stable are the ones you should be using, not Bloody.
Regards, Kevin.


Im on the nightly its the best ever! However I do miss the power down leds!


will updating nightly like this (from recovery) keep library and files untouched? 10q


Yes if you update from recovery this will keep your library and files. Only if you select the reset option in OpenELEC or switch from basic to advanced mode in the recovery system will end up deleting the settings directory