MythTV the best DVR/PVR addon/plugin to stream TV (not working yet on the slice)


I red that you need to install the MythTV on an another computer that serve as a serer and stream your TV on the network to go on the addon. The raspberry Pi addon seem to not work on my slice (
So far, It’s the best way, witout using a Windows computer to stream the TV signal through my EasyCap USB analog receiver. I will update this post as soon I make progress to build a fonctionnal DVR on the slice with a raspberry Pi TV server.

Source code compiling tutorial ( )

Note : MythWeb seem to surf on the web as a plugin for MythTV .


I have found new information. Here : you can add the MyTV via command line on your clice when you download Kobi command line addon. But this add on will only get the information from your orther computer. I found a tutorial that let you build a RaspberryPi 2 MythTV front end server that record your tv show and let It steam to your slice. The tutorial is here :,Here ;, is the configuration page for kodi when you have successfully add the add-on.


The MythTV Tutorial to code It is not longer available. I don’t know how long, but I tested It today and I found It.
1 years ago I save It to a DOC file. Now you can see It :