New Anodisation Samples Arrive - MacFormat!


Hi everyone…

(This is a Kickstarter update - slightly edited and duplicated here for your reading pleasure :wink:

Progress at Ninja HQ is relentless right now :wink: The final PCBs have been ordered, hard drives are arriving by the hundred and the final case tweaks have now been approved.

As we push on we have been eager to ensure the finish on all of the case colours is perfect. As you know we had a set back here but we just received samples of the final colours / finishes and we are really happy with them!

Here are some pictures of the Gunmetal Grey (left) and Stark Red (right) we’ll be running with… the black will be the same awesome finish…

In other news we also got a full page spread in Mac Format Mag - Great to see the media picking up on Slice post Kickstarter. (Pic below - Thanks to our top Moderator Cedric for the image).

More updates soon!

The FiveNinjas.


Top notch stuff - like I said, going to be tough picking a colour - that red as really come out well (esp compared to the last sample you showed up!)


Absolutely - This is what we had in mind - This is the same sparkly / high def finish and deep colour we wanted. You can see it below next to the ‘incorrect’ powder coated finish that caused some problems …


Are those samples in the same shot as the cases? Is the top left meant to show GMG also?
Big differences - and that red, wow - hit the nail on the head with that one.


No - the top left is actually powder coated Black. It’s really just to show comparisons. Was an internal Ninja shot that one - but thought you may like to see it :wink:



Looks perfect !! Love the red. Was definitely worth the wait.


The choice of case colour is going to be really difficult! I voted for grey and red as options to black which I would normally choose and now I find that each of them is great but for different reasons. I think the size will be a major factor. If you stack three standard CD jewel cases you get a good idea of the size, it’s just not quite as deep. That might be a lot of red or grey,


It will be great in the future to be able to buy the case on his own for already owners wanting to change color ;).

Red for me as my current flat is mainly dominated by red color but if I move would prefer black to match all other home cinema equipment.

Just a thought :wink:


Full Article here :slight_smile:


Gee thanks Ninjas…I was absolutely fixed on having the black, but now I want the gray and the red too!!

They look very tasty.


I was fixed on white, obviously that isn’t an option anymore. Red didn’t appeal to me at all…Until now!!! Looks class!


Would you guy’s think that the LED’s light effect will be different on the red box compare to the black box due to the color of the case, I personaly think that on a black box the colors from the leds will be more obvious or easier on the eye then if the box is red.

am I wrong to think that ?


There are actually a few white ones in existence. Albeit powder coated !! It’s a shame as they look pretty good too… I have one here.

I’m taking offers for these starting at £5000 or any internal organ.



well, that’s steep when you take into account, that there’s a black flaw in the corner of the letter e :wink:


That’s just dust - And that actually makes it more unique. £5500.


LOL Maybe they should be actioned off the white one :smile:


I still really like that. Will my appendix or tonsils count.


A) No auctions B) No tonsils or appendixes will be accepted.


Look a pile of Slice!!

(Note these are the powder coated samples / colours we won’t be using)


@Mo black all the way! When and how are we selecting the colours?