New Anodisation Samples Arrive - MacFormat!


You’ll get an email just before we ship. :slight_smile:


Its a shame that white isn’t being released. Maybe, all things going well, by the time a SLICE MKII comes around it could be an option? The GMG looks quite close to black in this picture (Is it just the picture or is that a true reflection). The red is awesome but wont go with anything in my living room or else where for that matter so I think black will be my choice.


To be clear these are the powder coated ‘old’ versions that aren’t being used. :slight_smile: Mo


ok, I thought it looked somewhat different from the samples at the top of the page.


presumably you’re still waiting on samples of the units themselves. Do you know if/when you’ll receive sample units, or are you ordering based on the swatches?


Should of made that clear when I posted - I was actually just playing with samples I have here.


We will be getting samples with the swatch finish/colours - we are waiting on them now!


Any update on where the ninjas are on the production of Slice?