New Libreelec beta 8.1.0


There is a new beta at the Libreelec site here. It is a beta of the future 8.2 release.

Be sure to download the correct Slice version CM1 or CM3 for your slice :slight_smile:



Thanks Roger,
Installed and running fine.


Hi Roger,
After playing for a while, I have noticed that on my Slice some of the LED patterns aren’t working, notably fast rewind and the shutting down sequence, possibly others that I don’t know off. How is yours?


Hi Bleep

Funny you should mention that… I just did the upgrade and tested to see if I got sound out of it. Did not reboot until I saw your post, I agree the shutdown LED sequence does not work. just tried a reboot, no shutdown but the startup works fine

I see you added it to the preview build thread over at Libreelec, see if Chewitt responds soon-ish otherwise add it as a bug in the support forum section.



@Bleep just posted an update on the other forum FYI

Just posted another update and a possible “fix” :sunglasses: