New Raspberry Pi 3 coming. Soon?


For those that haven’t seen it yet:

Raspberry Pi 3 - Compute Module (BCM2837)

Would be nice if the next compute module was based off this.

Well done to @Gordon and the rest of the team at Raspberry, keep moving things forward


Compute Module 3 being demo’d this morning, and on sale in the next few months :grinning:where do I pay?:grinning:

(Oh and if anyone missed it, RPi 3 on sale today!)



What about the Compute Module?

We expect to introduce a BCM2837-based Compute Module 3 in the next few months. We’ll be demoing Compute Module 3 at our partners’ launch events this morning.


@Gordon hope you already had contact about this with RaspPi foundation and you will be among first one to test new RaspPi3 CM after today’s event.

Any special plans for Slice Kickstarter supporters? Maybe you will buy in batch and offer us modules at slightly cheaper price?


You do know what @gordon does for his day job don’t you? I’m sure there is a prototype CM3s in a lab slice somewhere!



Fantastic news about Raspberry Pi 3, so excited for a new compute module!!! :smile:


Yes the CM3 is compatible with Slice, so you’ll be able to upgrade your Slice’s for a modest cost (to be determined), unfortunately first of all I have to get everything working so we can begin production ramps!

Once we’re there the main question for 5N is how many should we order, so a question to you, who would upgrade given the chance



I will take 2 :slightly_smiling:

I see OpenELEC has support already out for the RPi3, of course using the normal 32bit buuld. Would love to see what a build using arm8 would run like


You’ll probably have to wait a while because we’ve had trouble getting it going (mostly fricken about with caches and stuff!) but it should be available relatively soon.

I just don’t think it’s going to provide you with anything useful, the v8-A vector instructions are automatically used if available in avcodec (the software audio and video codecs) already so the only thing it’ll do is possibly increase the memory requirements.



Would the metal case of the Slice hamper the operation of on-board wireless/bluetooth?

I assume the increase in speed of operation would translate into zippier menus etc (although they are pretty good already).
What video based improvements could be achieved, again the Slice is pretty slick already.
I’m not sure what additional features could be incorporated with the faster processor, possibly introduce genre searches and additional “cover art”?

An upgraded board with accompanying improvements would be great!


Hi Gordon. Good news on CM3. I will take 3.



I’m upgrading for sure. I’m presuming bluetooth and wifi chipset will make it’s way into CM3 as well. Not that it will change my decision :slightly_smiling:


These are questions I’d love to get answers for. Specifically regarding the metal case and its impact on wireless. Regarding performance improvements, Eben Upton was quoted as saying that performance improvements of 20-30% were noticed even while running 32-bit operations. But I’m pretty sure he wasn’t playing HD video and choosing cover art when he was testing :slightly_smiling:


You can view Nate’s video on Kodi to see how well it performs.

No there is no WiFi / BT on the compute module, it would make it impossible for us to sell Slice at all (comformance costs to do this would be something like £60k just for CE / FCC)

Thanks for numbers that’s good, likely to be around £30 although it depends on time taken to program



I would be happy with unprogramed units


I will definitely get a CM3


Sorry Mike, we’ll not be doing two different SKUs


I would also upgrade. In another thread @gordon asked for update suggestions, I think that with the power of cm3, it would be really good to get dual-boot with Raspbian going.


I definitely would upgrade.