New Raspberry Pi 3 coming. Soon?


Ok, I may try that, too in first instance. Otherwise I may try @g7ruh 's solution, since I found 2 old pc coolers with the same copper slug as he has.

Took a look at farnell UK. Not in stock anymore :neutral_face:


I got two CM3s from


Thanks! Directly ordered one from them!


I bought mine at
Should arrive today, now I only need something for cooling. :wink:


Mine from Eckstein Shop (thanks to @Mathias) arrived today. Successfully flashed libreElec thanks to @Gordon’s and @luigibrosse’s gudes.

Temperature without cooling and with open case. (Idle, Configuration and some h264 full hd playback):

Cooling will be done tomorrow after work. I first thought of @APCMmkII’s solution, but mine seem to be smaller, they wouldn’t touch. So I got an old Intel boxed cooler and tried @g7ruh’s solution, but the copper was too thick (2.5cm). So I’m now taking @Ian’s solution.

Edit: Temperature without heat-sink and with case closed. As reference for tests after the heat-sink.

Edit2: Temperature with the heat-sink. Same videos playing as above.


how you made this charts on OpenElec?!


They are generated with Zabbix (Monitoring Tool). I compiled the agent on another Raspberry Pi and copied it over (starting it on boot with the


@virtualmarc Would be possible to share the executable for that tool ?


Can’t upload it right now but you need a Zabbix Server ( somewhere set up. Then download the Source Code and compile the Agent on any Raspberry Pi (did it on a RPi B), but just the agent as described here

In Zabbix I created a Template for Raspberry Pi’s and added an item with the following details:

  • Key vfs.file.contents[/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp]
  • Informationtype: float
  • Unit: °C
  • Multiplier: 0.001

I refresh all values every 60sec, save history for 7 days and trend for 365 days.

After that I added the Slice as a host and assigned the template.

I copied the compiled agent to the HDD inside the Slice.

I created a shell script that will restart the agent in case it dies:

cd /var/media/Slice/.zabbix/agent
while [ /bin/true ]
  /var/media/Slice/.zabbix/agent/zabbix_agentd -c /var/media/Slice/.zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf -f

And added the script run with nohup to /storage/.config/

cd /var/media/Slice/.zabbix
rm /var/media/Slice/.zabbix/nohup.out &> /dev/null
nohup /var/media/Slice/.zabbix/ &

For everyone interested my precompiled agent:


Thank you for your “squashed copper pipe” idea, Ian.

I’ve just crudely replicated it on my CM3 Slice, using smears of thermal compound and a dab of hot-melt glue at each end of the tube to hold it to the top of the case. The idle CPU temp dropped within a few seconds from 71 Celcius down to 44.

Loading all CPU cores (4 instances of “dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null”) whilst simultaneously indexing a large audio collection in Kodi, and the CPU temperature max-es out at 55 Celcius. Very impressive!



You’re welcome! I probably over engineered the gluing phase on mine, and it got messy, but it’s all I had at the time.


there is other page dedicated to CM3 cooling mods with even better results


I’m definitely going to try this method if I can’t get hold of the heatsink Fcpiek’s friend was making. I think i’m going to slim this down a bit though.

Can’t find anything shorter then that at the right diameter.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice it would be greatly appreciated.


Never thought about looking on ebay for copper bar - all of the “industrial” suppliers would only sell in much longer lengths!
Wouldn’t it be more straightforward to use square bar - available here in 1/2" (12.7mm) square x 150mm length so much easier to cut and file to size??

Just ordered a length to try this out…


I had thought about the square bar route (in fact the same eBay advert) and then chopping it up into smaller pieces and offering it to other forum members for the cost of a stamp and envelope.
A public service!
The issue of course is getting a straight cut, so I was going to find someone with a chop saw to have a go. It shouldn’t need to be filed then (to the exact height required).
Then again its such a small dimension?

I think it should work as an effective sink, although i think the adhesive heat tape is probably the way forward to connect the case?
I already have loads of syringes of paste for the chip to sink connection.


The other posts have all described a heatsink height of 12 - 13mm, so my hope was that the 1/2" (12.7mm) section would be an exact fit used across the bar - so the cut would only be to an appropriate (non-critical) length.
will be some time before I can try this out (the Slice is currently at the other end of the country) but will post results here when I get everything in one place.


I was thinking of using metal epoxy to connect it to the case. I was also going to use a piece of copper sheet, I figured there would be better heat transfer into the case that way.


all of the “industrial” suppliers would only sell in much longer lengths!

Tried one or two of them first & got completely ignored after I told them the small amount I needed.


Really clever to use it in that direction!