New Raspberry Pi 3 coming. Soon?


Count me in too! Just need the one 'tho


Great news about Pi3 and a new CM too, I’d definitely upgrade my slice as well. How would you handle support of a 2 tier slice? would there be different builds or would it be down to us switching on extra parameters at our own discretion?


I would also be in for the upgrade.


OpenElec which Slice is based on has 2 different builds, one for RPi1 and the other that covers RPi2 and RPi3. so would guess the Slice would also need to follow this route, also there could be a 64bit build of OpenElec in the future


I’d like to have three CM3s, please.


@gordon et al
Is it CM2 or CM3?
I’ll be wanting one either way.


CM3 they are bypassing the CM2


CM1 = RPi 1
CM2 = Would of been RPi 2
CM3 =RPi3


Sounds like there’s a fair amount of interest, I’ve got a couple of bit of Raspberry Pi software to fix up first before we can start manufacturing them, but I’ll organise a first batch!



Will this eventually be included when you order a new Slice?



We’ll be shipping CM3 devices as soon as they are available



I’ll take 3 CM3 modules please.


I’m in for an upgrade!


im in for a upgrade.


Gordon, you made my day :slight_smile:


and ME!!! I suspect most active members here and Slice users will take up the offer.


raised hand Me too! Just one.


I’m in for an upgrade!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can I add my name to the list please?



Right that’s great, just wanted to know whether it’s worth my time doing the work!