New Raspberry Pi 3 coming. Soon?


Nice, i’ll keep on eye out then. :slight_smile:


Tell us if there’s anything that will take it to the top of your list of priorities :smile: Jokes apart, looking forward to any updates regarding eventual availability of CM3.


I am also very interested in CM3 whenever it is good to order!


I definitely want one please! Perhaps it might be worth sending an update out to all Kickstarters with a CM3 questionnaire? That way you will have pretty definitive numbers.


Yet another one here.


Hi @Gordon,
Presumably the CM1 won’t ever be capable of h265, even at 720p, whereas the CM3 should cope with h265 @ 720 and maybe eventually 1080. Is this a fair assessment?
Regards Kevin.


mark shuttleworth, the mark shuttleworth??


From my perspective, yes. But if you mean am I my space hopping, billionaire, benevolent dictator, eighth cousin, then no.


We’re getting close to 24fps 1080p so yes



I also want the CM3. :slight_smile:

Where can I preorder? :grin: :wink:


That would seem like quite a good selling point for CM3, over keeping CM1, being able to reduce the size of video files by half (I know in theory only, currently) while maintaining the quality, so theoretically doubling your storage capacity. Would mean re-encoding to h265 I realise.
So you’ve just sold another CM3 module. :slight_smile:
Thanks Kevin.


It sounds like the CM3 will be a great upgrade!
I miss the mass encoding session in prep for the original Slice. (It made the wait more exciting :slight_smile: )
h265 here we go!!!

So chalk another one up for me please Gordon, thank you.


I’d like to buy a CM3 upgrade when available please. Will the CM3 support Raspbian dual boot?



It’s actually quite difficult to support a dual boot Raspbian… I’ve tried it before but think it’s not the right answer, in fact the right answer would be to put the ext4 partition on the hard drive and just the FAT filesystem on the eMMC

Unfortunately the NOOBS recovery system has not been extended far enough for this to be possible and I really don’t have the time to do this.

I was thinking of being able to create and support a Raspbian image as well (i.e. including the LED drivers and codec driver) and sell that separately that way you could switch between two instead.



Thanks Gordon

A Raspbian CM3 would be useful.



I am in for the upgrade!


Wow, good news that the Pi3 board will be availablke soon. I have been busy last few days playing with the Pi3. Since last Tuesday it swapped places with my Pi2 which I use upstairs. I can tell you it is a rocket! I am totally in love with it. The last days of my Mede8er1000 are finally getting close.
Noobs did not work but an OpenElec image worked instantly . Unfortunately still on Kodi 15.2 but I also found Kodi 16.0 a bit buggy when played on my PC. Anyway I am in definitely in a for a Pi3 board


Hey Gordon count me in for that CM3 module. :smiley:


Having just got a RPi 3 and installed the Slice build on it, i am very impressed, skin is super responsive, GUI is now very fluid no waiting when going in to menus, cannot wait for the CM3 :smiley:


I’d definitely be in for two of those CM3 modules too, Gordon.