New Raspberry Pi 3 coming. Soon?


Offering a separate Raspbian image is a perfectly good solution. I bought my Slice with the definite intention of using it as a neat portable computer and I am thinking of moving over to that as I can play the odd film using VLC if I want. As a now-retired long term computer enthusiast I spend much more time playing with hardware than watching films!


Joining the throng, I too would like to buy a CM3 update for my Slice.

If it could alternately run Raspbian, that would be a definite bonus for me – I’d prefer to use my Slice as a nicely-packaged Pi + hard disk media server/player. I’m already using another Pi2 running Kodi under Rasbian, and find the performance of that adequate. A CM3 Rasbian in the Slice hardware would be great!


Yep, put me down for a CM3 as well.

Ta, John


Upgrade for less than a family trip to the cinema - Hell yes! Count me in.


I would also like get a CM3 for my Slice


I’ve just read a great web interview that includes Gordon’s insights, that seems to suggest the CM3 “will not enter production for another six months”.
I don’t want to start the whole “stated deadline” discussions that happened during the original campaign, but for the sake of clarity am I right to suspect it will be months rather than weeks until this brilliant upgrade is available.

The main advantage being, it seems to take quite a while to transcode things into h265 so it will give me time to do the 1 tb collection I currently am juggling on my Slice :smiley:

The article can be found at:


When available I would like the CM3 upgrade please.

Can we also purchase additional Slice remote control units?



I love the way people take my words and make words of their own… Actually I said it’d be available in the next few months, they changed that to six!

We’re working on it now, just finishing up some test code so they should be able to go to production. Can’t talk about dates at all since we’ve currently got all the manufacturers churning out Pi 3’s at full blast but six months sounds like a long time to wait!



I’d take one too. Should be a good speed increase.


Yeah, between 10 and 20 times depending on what’s being done!



I suspected that there had been some artistic licence applied :smile:

Keep up the great work guys!
Looking forward to the upgrade!!


count me in for an upgrade :slight_smile:


I am in as well. @Gordon Maybe would be good to inform all kickstart supporters by email and setup some voting system/survey to estimate how many modules you should order.

I bet more than 50% of original supporters will want to order if CM3 are offered at a bit cheaper than official per 1 piece price. Ordering in batch should allow you to get that price as well.
As a result even more people will appreciate how you treating customers (especially early adopters), word will spread and avalanche of positive effects/new users will follow. Everybody happy and word spread further :wink: Cheers


did u maybe made some comparisons video? cheers



I would like to get one as well, I am interested in the gain in decoding h265. I have a couple videos that I cannot currently read on the slice.

Also, I think that the suggestion by Ewoks is interesting.


I want one too! :slight_smile:


I will see what i can do next week.


I would also like a CM3 module when they are available.


I’d like the upgraded CM3 as well. Let me know when available. Thanks


count me in for an upgrade