New Raspberry Pi 3 coming. Soon?


I would also like the upgraded CM3 as well. Let me know when available. Thanks


I will buy a CM3 too definitely !

Maybe you should do a pre-order so you know how many to get produced :wink:


I’ll take two - and another “Slice 3” probably.


So, to add on top of the pile, I want mine too :slight_smile:



I will have 2 please



I’d be in for one, too.


Count me in for a CM3 too.


Want 2 now please @Gordon
How soon?


Difficult to say, six to eight weeks would be likely for release. Only problem is being able to afford to pay for a bulk order up front, we could kickstart it but it loses us 10% and delays the ordering until the kickstarter has completed



Can’t you stick up a pre order on your site, then you would be able to fund some of the purchase that way?


I’d be more than happy to pre-order and pay for a CM3 upgrade now, on the basis that we get it when it’s ready.


Me too… better than delays and loss of funds via KS


@Gordon If a pre-order will help you guys, I’m definitely up for it ! Just ensure you ship to the US :slight_smile:


Same for me. I’d be more than happy to pre-order.


Pre-order is fine, count me in.


Count me in for 3 paid up front.


I’m extremely excited for the CM3 and will buy one as soon as available, does this mean the CM3 has the exact same pinout as the CM1? Including GPIO lines etc?


Yes it is backwards compatible


A direct pre-order would be fine here as well.


I’m up for Pre-order too !