New Raspberry Pi 3 coming. Soon?


I’ll have one as well please



Shut up and take my money!

No seriously - I’m happy to pre order and pay up front.


+1 for direct pre-order and pay up front.


I also would pre-order.

Maybe it is possible to get a spare power-supply?


I would be also interested in a CM3 module.


Good morning Gordon.

Any updated timeline on the CM3 module for the Slice?

I’m as impatient as ever… :joy:

Keep up the good work - Roy.


Things are in process but I don’t have a date for you…



Will the CM3 improve also the LAN network speed or it is unrelated ?


I’d definitely be in for a CM3 upgrade! Count me in!


The LAN speed shouldn’t really be effected although I’ve not seen a back to back comparison of Pi 1 to Pi 2 to Pi 3 comparison. Since the processor can get around the network loop faster you’d think it would be a little better but I wouldn’t hope for a significant difference.



same here on both fronts. pre order and purchase a spare power supply


I’d definitely like to upgrade to CM3! Count me in!


any update soon?
Raspberry Pi 3 could come along way to help the SLICE


Hi Gordon,

Back in March when someone asked about the CM3 you replied “six months is a long time to wait”.

Here we are six months later :joy:

I know you’re incredibly busy with everything you do, but any chance of an update on CM3, or at least the reasons for the delay?

Very best, Roy.


@shutterbug In the 10 million Pi blog post on the official Pi blog, Eben Upton has replied to a comment that CM3 orders have been placed with Sony and they are waiting for a production date. I think Gordon and team at Pi Towers have done their bit.

And I’ve an inkling that @Gordon has most of the requirements for CM3 to work with Slice in order. :slight_smile:


There has been a little work in that area… I recently gave a Slice with CM3 to the lead of the LibreELEC team.



Hi Gordon, have you considered to get to support the Slice? If they included it in their list of supported platforms it would also improve the chances for future support/versions for Slice. They already officially support the RPI3.



I’m more than happy to add support for Slice to OSMC. We’ve had some requests in the past, but my understanding was that Slice’s NOOBS implementation wasn’t quite ready to support other distributions [1].

OSMC has NOOBS images for Pi 1 as well as Pi2/Pi3, so with a bit of fiddling, it’s fairly easy to get OSMC up on a Slice. (present and future versions). I’d prefer a tighter integration with Slice however, and I’d be happy to accept any patches to Kodi and the kernel off Gordon for support for Slice’s LED ring. I’m also aware of slight timing issues with the SDHost driver and the compute module.

We are waiting for progress from Slice – everything is in place to run OSMC on your device today, but installation could be made easier.

Best wishes





I believe that the SDHost driver has now been fixed… Phil found the problem talking to the eMMC devices recently and a fix should have been uploaded to the latest firmware.

Adding OSMC to the Slice recovery system shouldn’t be too difficult, it’s actually more about where it’ll be stored that needs to be sorted out really (Otherwise it’s exactly the same as a normal NOOBS tar of the filesystems)

The main patches to the kernel are for the following:

  1. CS4265 codec implementation (there are some modifications to the stadard one because we output the audio reference frequency to the device)
  2. WS2812 driver

Then there are a couple of config.txt changes required to add the slice dtoverlay


For the Kodi stuff, the main things you’d need are just the changes to the main window code to load up and run the LED patterns on the various events.

Everything else is stuff that you shouldn’t need (i.e. changes to work with the Slice website for updating the different build types, ‘nightly’, ‘bloody’ or ‘stable’ and a couple of minor tweaks for things like pasting debug log to pastebin)

How are you building OSMC now? Do you have an automated build system I can replicate?



@sam_nazarko and @Gordon I’m sure a lot of people on this forum will love this relationship to work out. Slice is a fantastic piece of kit based off of an easily available compute module and OSMC has gained wide acclaim for how well sorted the whole experience is. I can’t honestly wait for this take root and help both the teams further their interests !