New Raspberry Pi 3 coming. Soon?


Provided that your changes can be upstreamed / added to OSMC without impacting other platforms, and you’re serious about maintaining these changes, then we can get the support in OSMC proper and you can use the links on our CDN. Serge has recently updated NOOBS to use our files directly.

If you can make the adjustments to the audio frequency a module_param, then we can have a cmdline.txt setting set in your NOOBS and keep other platforms working OK without modification.

Okay – we’re currently shipping Jarvis, but there is an (in-progress) Krypton branch.

OSMC is based on Debian, so it consist of many APT packages. You should be able to get away with just building the kernel and Kodi packages and this should allow you to add all Slice functionality and make sure things work as expected.

Here’s my recommendation for a workflow, quick and easy:

Adapt config.txt; cmdline.txt; fstab as follows:

root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootfstype=ext4 rootwait quiet osmcdev=rbp2 
/dev/mmcblk0p1  /boot    vfat     defaults,noatime    0   0
/dev/mmcblk0p2  /    ext4      defaults,noatime    0   0
  • Install build tools, sudo apt-get install build-essential git
  • Clone OSMC repository: git clone --depth 1 -b master
  • To build Kodi:
cd package/mediacenter-osmc
make rbp1
  • To build kernel:
cd package/kernel-osmc
make rbp1

The first build will take some time. Subsequent builds are faster due to ccache. You can build on a Linux system (PC), but I recommend building on the device itself for quicker iteration. After a build, you can run sudo dpkg -i rbp1-mediacenter.deb or sudo dpkg -i rbp1-image-*.deb. Obviously, substitute rbp1 for rbp2 if building for CM3. CM3 is probably quicker to build and test with.

For packages, patches are stored in patches/ directory under mediacenter-osmc or kernel-osmc respectively. Assuming that the Slice Kodi patches don’t cause issues on Pi, you can add a patch like rbp- 020-add-slice-support.patch. Same goes for kernel sources.

The kernel configuration is stored under rbp1-000-add-kernel-config.patch and is based on 4.4. To update it:

  • Take the Linux 4.4.16 from
  • Apply all ‘rbp’ series patches from patches/ to source.
  • Make menuconfig, and make your changes.
  • diff -u /dev/null .config > rbp1-000-add-kernel-config.patch, and change .config to b/.config in the patch header.
  • Now you can build as normal.


Thanks a lot @sam_nazarko I did not realize that you followed this forum and thanks @Gordon for considering supporting this. OSMC has a great community and with its addons/app-store I believe this addition would greatly improve the functionality of the Slice. Also OSMC would benefit from having a system with an integrated HDD, extended audio output and fancy LEDs. With these news I cannot wait for the release of the CM3.

PS: Sam, I know about the new OSMC PiDrive but Slice is a more elegant solution with improved integrated Audio output for those that care about Music. ( May be the Ninjas can produce a limited edition for OSMC once the CM3 is released :slight_smile:



Someone brought this thread to my attention and I saw the requests for OSMC support. Obviously our goal is to have OSMC running on as much hardware as possible; and as Slice is based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module, that is very low hanging fruit.

Understood – we are working on some very high quality audio solutions of our own which will be announced in the coming months; however this isn’t the place to advertise other products.

If the FiveNinjas need any further help or start working on OSMC support, we will be happy to help.



Crikes, I just found this thread. Too late for yet another bloke with CM3 preorder in mind? :slight_smile:


no you have at least another month, or two, or three :grin:


Gordon things have been slow whats the future of slice I am thinking of a second unt how far are we from the cm3?


What a relief! :sweat_smile:


Interesting article here, looks like NEC will be rolling out screens that have a CM3 on board from January 2017.


Hopefully that means volume production can’t be too far off.
The silence from The Ninjas is deafening!


Currently it’s being scheduled for production



Great news !

CM3 for the slice will be so nice.
Cant wait to preorder one ! :smiley:


Ahhh, they use the first batch of CM3…

NEC monitors with RPi (German)

Hope you can allocate enough CM3s for Slice (3).


Actually these are not the first batch since they are using special purpose build CM3’s using the Farnell customisation service.

As to why they did this, I’m not sure… It looks like they didn’t understand the concept of the CM3L




I know this is becoming more and more off-topic :wink:, but

What the heck is the CM3 L?


CM3L is the lite version of CM3 and has no eMMC on the module. Instead the SDIO lines are brought out to the connector so you can add an SD card slot or eMMC device on the carrier board (Slice in our case). Unfortunately we don’t have those pins wired up to anything (we didn’t think far enough ahead!)



Hi @Gordon, is there any chance we’ll be able to buy the 16Gb version mentioned by NEC so we can reliably run Nubes with Kodie and Raspbian, with the memory on the current CM1 this isn’t really possible, I’ve done it by placing root on the Slice disk, but it’s non trivial and then difficult to maintain. Alternatively does the CM3 already have more than CM1, ie enough for Kodie & Raspbian?
Regards Kevin.


No unfortunately not, they have been manufactured specially for NEC (by Farnell through it’s customisation service). Currently we’re not planning on releasing a device larger than 4G

In future of course if you wanted to develop hardware with more than 4G you could add eMMC to the carrier board (i.e. to Slice) but of course we can’t do that now!



OK fair enough.
Alternatively, is it possible to build the Slice version of Kodi (with analoge audio and leds) which will run under Raspbian, so I can make the default to run Raspbian, with Slice Kodi as a program within it?
Or, run Noobs, but with a very small, boot only, partition for Raspbian, placing the rest of /root on the Slice HD, so leaving the majority of the 4Gb eMMC free for Kodi to install into and use?
Sorry for all the questions, especially as you seem to have been left holding the baby, so to speak, as we have heard nothing from any of the other Ninjas for Months!!
Thanks for any input.
Regards Kevin.


Great to hear about OSCM possibility to come to SLICE and CM3L too, can’t wait to update my SLICE with it :wink:


Hi, I find your product pretty exiting and we’d like to use them. Am curious when would you be rolling out the SLICE with Pi3 with Bluetooth and on board WiFi features.
Great Looking Product!!!