New Raspberry Pi 3 coming. Soon?


Slice doesn’t use the Pi itself we use the compute module. CM3 will not include on board Bluetooth and WiFi (fortunately) otherwise it’d be a bit of a waste of money since we have a metal box!



From the RaspPi foundation announcement I got this “We’re expecting to do a wider release of Compute Module 3 to everybody around the end of the year.” (Compute Module Announcement)

So will we be able just to buy this CM3 and use it in a plug’n’play manner (to open Slice case and replace CM3, close and power it up, voila) or there is something else we need to wait for (like software support from you guys)? To simplify, how this upgrade process will look like? Thanks


will it be Q42016 or Q12017 to order a CM3, what do you think?


The Compute Module 3 was announced on 28th February 2016, so I’m hoping I can get my sticky little mitts on one for Slice by the anniversary in 2017 :slight_smile:

IMHO they were perhaps a little premature with the announcement…


I recall that the issue is one of production capacity, and a while ago all capacity was being used for Pi Zero production and until there was zero demand :astonished: ( well at least reduced demand for the Pi Zero) there was no capacity for the CM. I think these two devices are produced by the Pi Foundation directly and not licensed to manufacturing partners. So the announcement was OK, just that many more people than expected keep buying the Zero! I think it was a video interview with Eben where this was explained.

Disclaimer, nothing to do with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, just a happy Pi and Slice user, of course I will be even happier when the new CM arrives to power my brace of Slice. :grin:


PS, Foundation members feel free to correct me if I am wrong


Well you’re mostly correct, in the end the CM3 has been technically ready to go for the whole year (I’ve had samples of CM3 now for over a year!) But it is mainly the pressure from Pi 3 (we’re still finding it very difficult to keep up with Pi 3 manufacturing) but we’ve now got to a point where we have begun the manufacturing process (i.e. component lead times are the limiting factor now!) and I actually have a launch date (whether we keep to it or not is another matter)

Unfortunately it is going to be after christmas though…

Gordon (Director at FiveNinjas and Director of Engineering at Raspberry Pi)


Dam fine excuse for a late christmas present for myself :slight_smile:
Thanks for the update, Gordon


Thanks Gordon, Roger. It looks promising for 28th Feb :+1:


@Gordon Thank you for the update and for managing expectations. :grinning:

As long as the date is not Feb 29th, the next one is a few years away :neutral_face:



Well we got that wrong :grin: It is Jan 16th.

Anyone want to buy two original Compute Modules, one careful owner :slight_smile:
…pause… answers self: I very much doubt it…



Ordered mine this morning, due tomorrow.

Is there an issue with heat dissipation on the CM3 when used in a Slice?

Guess I need to update to the LibreElec builds now?


chewitt’s build here has a CM and a CM3 version, just download the correct one. We are expecting an updated build soon and I have given @chewitt a nudge over on that link too

Given that his build is quite fast on the CM it should be rather nice to use with the CM3, favourable reports from the few CM3s that are already out there (lucky beta testers!)

Mine should arrive tomorrow too :yum:



I would suggest using a heat sink of some kind, the CM3 does create a lot more heat than CM1 and getting it into the case is a good idea


Any suggestions on best heat sink to use? I’m guessing one of the usual Pi3 ones won’t fit in the case.


I’m not sure at the moment, I created a whole lump of copper connecting the 2837 to the case, although this is overkill I’m not sure whether one of the standard heatsinks will do the job…



Gordon, as you said above[quote=“Gordon, post:154, topic:1206”]
and getting it into the case is a good idea

We really need something that is “just right” thickness-wise so it can thermally connect the CPU to the case. All that lovely machined case is just waiting to help as a heat sink!

If you are going to sell more Slice boxes, with the CM3 rather than the CM, I would have thought that y’all will need to supply a heat sink for those.

If so, maybe you can make a few more amd make them available for the “early adopters” who have upgraded to CM3, to purchase??



Seems LE released the v7.95.1 BETA right now. Can’t be long that we get a Slice build too.


this would be great!!! We, early adopters from Kickstarter, would really appreciate if there are guidelines and HW to buy from 5ninjas like heatsink, prepared CM3 module that we can plugin in already existing housing. Can we expect something like this @Gordon or these are just our dreams and you are busy with other things?



pity that @Gordon went silent on this

Questions regarding temperature

Or… would it be possible to give “use at your own risk” measurements for the thickness of copper needed so that owners armed with a micrometer could make one up themselves? Difficult to figure this out without slicing (sorry…) a case in half.