New Stable / Nightly / Bloody build [Oct 19 2015]


Yeah just happens when the device isn’t used, you could edit the file in the configfiles share to reduce this time though, but it can make it go to sleep during pausing the video for example which looks a bit strange



Is the “Kodi PVR Add-On repository” missing on purpose?
( - ch.1.2)
Or has it just slipped at some place during Slice build?

I (deperately :wink:) need those PVR client add-ons (tvheadend).


Does anyone else have issues with the remote after updating to bloody/nightly? I can actually hit the ninja button to get to the recovery system, but it doesn’t work when I boot. All I get is the root and I’m stuck.

I know it usually goes a little nuts when its updated the database, but even after it does its check through the files and the text disappears on the bottom, I still can’t move the curser with the remote. [for bloody and nightly]. Works fine for Stable.


Use Stable, they are currently all the same anyway…



This is a known issue, if you use the latest of my builds this has been resolved and i have already sent the change request upstream @Gordon


I’ve made an update to fix this problem and tested it, when you update you are going to need to reset the OpenELEC settings to get access to the addons again though

Setup->OpenELEC settings->System->Check for updates now
Setup->OpenELEC settings->System->Reset system settings to defaults



Working like a charm.

Btw: the download showed 20151018…, the content was 20151022…


Hi Guys,

My Slice, is still running on Kodi 14.1, to update this would i go to:

OpenElec Settings->System ->Check for updates?

If so it does not seem to give me an option to update.

Could some one point me in the right direction on how to update please.

Thanks in advance



No…go into recovery. Update noobe then update to bloody…right now I think stable bloody and nightly are all the same but not to sure

Use the how to.


Gordon said they were the same but then posted he updated them to fix it. So there is probably a new bloody about…

Go to recovery, updated noobs by pressing >>
then after that’s completed, select bloody…

…looking forward to trying this when I get home.



You choose bloody / nightly / stable branch via the recovery / noobs detour.

The regular update (within the respective branch) works by OpenElec Settings->System ->Check for updates (or probably by OpenElec Settings->System ->Automatic updates).


Currently Stable == Nightly == Bloody…

I’ve done a single update to fix something small but that’s it…

Hopefully people will have got an update notification…



@Gordon, am using the build from the 22nd and so far no issue, lots of nice improvements over the original builds :smiley:


I totally agree much better !


Anyone care to list out some of the improvements?? I think I have the build of the 18th and honestly I haven’t been able to see anything different (sorry Gordon!!)

Or will I not notice until I do a system reset?? I am hesitant to do this in case I end up having to rebuild my libraries all over again (I have backed them up).


Improvements are listed at the top of this forum post…

There are a number of changes that you will not notice until you’ve done a reset because the changes are in the files that are not overwritten on an update…

But you can backup your library first, then reload it after the reset (I’m just not sure at the moment whether the restore just overwrites those files…)



You can just export the libraries, then reset and import if needed


I have installed the build of the 22nd, reset, and then reloaded from the backup without any problems. I did have to hard boot Slice (ie. Power off, unplug psu, then reconnect) to get the hard drive recognised.

Well done to all the Ninjas for the final completion of the Kickstarter orders. Speaking personally, I have very much enjoyed the journey, though you guys may feel differently!!

So what’s the next gadget going to be??!! :grinning:


@ninyule Gonna be a Raspberry Pi 2 upgrade module!!! (I mean right? right?!)

Response in menus much snappier. Did a clear…Bloody version didn’t allow me to redownload my extension apps, Nightly did. Didn’t try stable. (I know, I know, they’re the same…)


Hey Gordon, sorry for the late reply regarding slice not detecting the HD. (Been kinda busy at work)
I’ve now installed the stable version and did a full reset.
Now it seems slice detects the HD every boot/restart.
(Before I was on the older Bloody release that i updated from inside kodi, dont know if that makes any difference)
If the HD thing happens again i’ll send you the log file.

-The green led flashes in the bootup sequence do still happen but not as mutch as before.

-And i’ve noticed that when using the slice skin the screen keyboard misses the letter ‘M’ (not the case with standard kodi skin)