New Stable / Nightly / Bloody build [Oct 19 2015]


@Gordon I found a couple of bugs with this release (22nd Oct 2015):

  • CEC with my Panasonic TV does not work properly anymore. I get two or 3 clicks in one go every time. It was perfect before. I now need to use the Slice remote to be able to use it.
  • If you do not stop a video before you go back to the menus then some times I need to reboot Slice to be able to see another one.

Is the SPDIF optical output working now?

While these bugs get solved I would like to be able to go back to the previous Stable release. It worked much better for me. Could you please add an option to Noobs so that we can go back to the previous Stable release? Thank you.

BTW, is there a bug tracker where we could report bugs?



@Gordon I definitely find that I’m encountering more double presses than before with the latest release. I’m using the Slice remote almost exclusively and haven’t tested if HDMI-CEC also has this issue.

As an enhancement, may I suggest limiting the number of click sounds when a button is continuously pressed? For instance, when I’m scrolling the list of Movies (or any section), the selection bar moves down, say 1 row every second, but the click sounds happen something like 4 times for every movement when the down button is depressed. I feel that limiting the clicks to also 1 per second or whatever is the rate at which the selection moves row, it will lend a touch a sophistication to the interface. @MikeBuzz may be you’d be able to suggest something I can do myself :grinning: In any case, Mike fantastic job with your improvements. Looking forward to more…


@Gordon, @MikeBuzz, may I join the World Pedants Club by suggesting that in the Setup menu, ‘XBMC settings’ should be changed to ‘Kodi settings’ ?

You’re welcome! :grinning:

@MikeBuzz, this may be deliberate (!) policy on your part, but I can’t see any way of adding an issue to your repository?? It may be worth carrying over any open issues from the Ninjas’ SliceOS github into yours if you’re up for it…


@jg, a bugtracker was set up here:

But it seems to have fallen into disuse. You could try filing an issue here:

which appears to be the repository that Gordon is now using…


I’d prefer people to stick with SliceOS


@ninyule With a system that is performing admirably as it is, the ‘Rise of the Pedants’ is inevitable :wink:


I agree about the double presses. I’ve even had a replacement remote, which seemed to be ok for a while, but it may just have been luck, but now I regularly get double presses; mainly on the OK button, but again this might be an illusion as the OK produces more annoying results, like starting a film rather than showing the synopsis, or changing some menu option unexpectedly etc…


I too am getting the random flashing of the LEDs, I did a video of it here. Updated Slice Builds UNTESTED!


Yes I’ve got the random LED flashes I’ll look into it soon!



Thanks very much @Gordon :smile: it’d be great to get rid of those random hiccups.
Regards Kevin.


Do I need to do something special to get updates? I’m still on the original version that shipped. I had Auto set for updates, and notifications set. I have seen no updates.

When I read this post, I set the update to Manual and clicked ‘Check’. It cycles back to the menu, as though nothing is available.

What am I missing?



The only issue I have with bothering the developers with pedant-related issues is that we Pedants may cause diversion from the vital task of getting all of those new features and improvements added in a timely fashion :scream:

A self confessed Pedant.



I have updated ok to the latest stable, but since the update my slice switches itself off after not being used for a while. I have to pull the power out and back in to restart. Was fine before the update

I have checked the power saving option setting and the shutdown function timer is off.

Any ideas ?



The only problem is that I like all engineers are also something of a pedant and therefore tend to place higher priority on issues of the slightly annoying!




It doesn’t switch itself off… It may put the hard drive into standby by that’s all…

Check the Ethernet LEDs on the back, are they still on? If they are then it is still running!



Unfortunately the version you have doesn’t actually support the update check… To update it (this time only actually) you’ll need to power off and on again and go to the recovery system by pressing the top-right key on the remote as it boots up.

With ethernet plugged in, select stable (should already be selected) and then press the top-left button to reinstall the latest version of the OS.




Oh no! as an engineer by training and inheritance, I understand, but it still worries me that it could cause undue delays… as the consumer of a Perfect Slice… but the perfection of the Slice shows the dedication to detail, the watch-words of a pedant. Either way, I guess we will just have to wait a tiny bit longer!




Thank you for the reply.

I will check the ethernet light the next time it happens.

When it does happen, I get a black screen, no input is being sent from the slice’s hdmi to my amp/tv

I have no content on the hard drive, all my media is on my NAS, is this why it is happening so often ? Yesterday I was watching something, switched my amp and tv off and no more than 10 minutes later when I came back, I had to pull the slice’s power to get it going again.

If the hard drive has gone into standby, how do I get it back going again from the remote (so I do not have to pull the power each time) ?

If there is no way to get the system up and running again from the remote, how do I switch off the hard drive standby option or increase the time before it goes into standby.

Thank you for your help.




It’s probably your amp/tv that is the problem, in the way it is handling the CEC messages… When the Slice goes into its screensaver it tells the TV that it is no longer active most TVs will actually ignore this message… When you press a key on the remote then Slice will tell the TV it is an active source (on my Sony TV this means it will switch to that source)

I would suggest that you disable CEC messaging unless you can tell your TV to not power off… But if you switch the TV back on and switch the source to the correct one you’ll find Slice is still outputting normally.



Is there a list of new features and improvements maintained somewhere? I know list of bugs is maintained on GitHub.


Hi Sarah,

It on the top first post :wink: