New Stable / Nightly / Bloody build [Oct 19 2015]


When the box powers up press the top right button on the remote when it says. You will then enter the recovery system. The stable build should already be selected so you should just press the top left button on the remote to install it.

This will preserve the addons and repos although it will not 100% update all files (there are some files that only get updated on a reset)



Hi Gordon,

Thanks for your timely reply as always. Appreciate.

I’m afraid there is something wrong with Stable Build recovery. Some of the Repo do not work (I access the same on my iPad and the Repo working), should I do a soft or hard reset to ensure 100% update of all files? I think this will start from clean plate and problem might be resolved. I just re-add all repo.

Also what is the differences between Stable VS Nightly VS Bloody build?

Kindly advise.


Sam NZ


Hi Gordon,

Silly me, I only see the explanation of different build, I think I’d opt for Stable Build, but think I need to reset to update every files, hopefully it resolve the enabled repo (but click no action / file access) issue for good. Kindly advise. Thank Sam NZ


Hi Gordon,

To reset Slice, should I do a soft reset or hard reset before reinstall Stable build? Kindly advise.


Sam NZ



First update then do the soft reset afterwards



Version 16.2 Jarvis its still “TV Shows” in Germany we call it Serien :innocent:


ah Germans… always complaining and getting picky about details, typos, etc :innocent:


Is the “slice project” down? Nothing really happend the last months. Is there a krypton build somewhere?


Bump! Anybody…where’s the ninjas at. Very quiet in this forum these days. I was really hoping for the time effort and backers money that went into this project that it was only the 1st phase of something great. Not the only phase…which is clearly phasing out. Updates please!!!


@Gordon…can you share the above post with the rest of the ninjas and get back to us?


I’m in Greece at the moment having a holiday…

Sorry there have been no updates recently, I was working on an update in the bloody build but haven’t finished ironing out the kinks…

I would like to point out that your money didn’t pay for updates ad infinitum



are there any negative apsects except the flashing lights and the surface on the slice if I use the LibreELEC Raspberry build?



It just requires that the dt-blob.bin and various overlay files are copied into the right place to work properly… Normally just installing a standard LibreELEC build by copying it into the updates samba share will work fine although I haven’t done it recently…



Hi Gordon,
of course you deserved holiday mate :slight_smile: Hope you relaxed and enjoy greek sea a lot!!! :wink:

Can you please update us with some plans (of course no ETAs needed) about development of SLICE software? How you see it in general? How you see its relationship with OpenELEC (7.0 beta3) or LibreELEC (currently v7.0.2) or Kodi Krypton (v17 beta1 available from few days ago)? We are looking forward trying new features (new Kodi skins, VideoPlayer with DASH support, audio library. PVR improvements) of the newest builds and you can imagine how much we would like great news I guess ;))) It would be very useful to know what are the plans and if future development will happen, maybe even how much of it will happen because of course we can not expect infinite support.

Can you share any news about hardware as well please? I guess it is difficult (maybe you are even legally obligated not to say anything about it) but some clue about new RaspPi CM3 will be very welcomed among all users.

Thanks in advance for sharing with us. Despite how it looks that some of us get “frustrated” with silelnt from time to time, I bet most of SLICE users are very satisfied and very thankful for all the work and effort you put into it :slight_smile:



Long term I was hoping to stick with one working version of the stable branch. The idea here is that people who don’t really care about these things can just stick with their version of the software and not have to worry about this stuff…

Nightly will get updated soon with a new version of LibreELEC which I’m moving towards a clean LibreELEC build (i.e. removing our skin and switching to the Estuary skin).

Bloody will stay being the cutting edge (and currently very broken) build!

As for what happens long term, I’ll probably transition to CM3 when it is available and only continue to provide new releases for that version.


Thanks. That already sounds great.
One more question will you be able to arrange some special deal with RaspPi foundation about CM3 modules for Slice users? Did you consider such thing at all?


Yes as mentioned elsewhere, we were going to pre-program CM3 devices with Slice software and offer them for sale. Not sure what you mean by ‘special deal’ though… We can’t get the cost any cheaper than the standard bulk cost (assuming the bulk cost is reached in the 100 off range) and the programming / shipping isn’t going to be free…



Got that. What I meant is will there be some upgrade option for us who bought original Slice, so we can upgrade just by replacing CM module or you planned to sell whole new Slice3 package with CM3?


Yes the Ninjas have always said that as and when the CM3 becomes available we (original slice owners) will be able to buy from them (Ninjas) a pre-programmed ready to go CM3 module, which you will presumably have to fit by yourself.


That all sounds excellent Gordon!

Will the Estuary skin incorporate the search capabilities for the Slice?
Is the Slice still going to retain its on board library and not rely on an internet connection to do the basic searches?

The CM3 upgrade is very much looked forward to and I am sure with the new features will work fantastically!
Keep up the good work, it is genuinely appreciated.
Thank you!