New Stable / Nightly / Bloody build [Oct 19 2015]


You can have a go right now with the bloody build, it seems stable and I could do with some feedback in checking what is and what is not working



I will have a go at running the bloody build and doing some testing for you over the weekend.
Thanks again, Gordon!


Bloody build all loaded up fine.
The Estuary skin all seems to be behaving well!
Downloaded the additional stuff required to enable the search bar, pulls out the relevant titles quickly.

One issue< I can’t seem to get the “actors” tab to operate, just comes up with an unfilled screen.
So I’m not sure whats happening there?


Hi Gordon,
What is the current state of Bloody? I’ve got installed 17.0-ALPHA2 Git:4e90409 Aug 29 2016 and when I try to play a wma or mp3 music track, through the analogue output i get an error, “One or more items failed to play.” playing through HDMI works ok. I can probably suck out a log file if you can’t reproduce.
Thanks Kevin.


Does the analogue output work fine for everything else? Is it just a particular WMA / MP3 or all ?



Hi Gordon,
All audio files I’ve tried.
If I set it to analogue (ALSA) and play a video file there is no sound and after 5 seconds the video freezes. :frowning:


Here is a log with debug enabled.
I first tried a film, which froze. I then tried an mp3 which produced the message “One or more items failed to play.”

Hope this helps. Kevin.


Hi @Gordon,
Any news on analogue audio?


Not yet…

Will have a look soon…



Hi @Gordon,
I’ve come across another bug, if I copy files from my PC to the slice, if I only copy one file at a time it’s fine, if I select several files and copy them, just as the last file is copied over, Kodi crashes and reboots.

here I was copying two files “…” from a Win10 PC share using Samba over WiFi, to be honest this isn’t a new bug, it’s been present for a while, I never got round to capturing it.


@Gordon any updates? close to promote current build from bloody to nightly or even stable?


How bloody works besides that issue? Is is stable enought for other Media use (movies, series)? 10q


Hi, Analogue audio out, from the jack plug isn’t working, see above and copying multiple files over wifi causes problems (but this was also present on Kodi 16, so if you haven’t noticed it, don’t worry)
Otherwise I haven’t found any repeatable problems.
Regards Kevin.


chewitt and I are in the process of getting an official LibreELEC build supported, I’m hoping this will mean we can at least support our modifications up stream somewhat with the Slice hardware and that this will become to default place to install builds from (rather than the site)

Once we’ve got there I will spend more time trying to sort out all the rest of the issues…



any eta on next build (bloody/nightly)?


I would suggest trying chewitt’s official LibreELEC build if you want to have a play, this is the best chance of a long term LibreELEC slice build

Plus there’s a whole new forum area for Slice!



Just gone through the thread looks very promising :slight_smile:


I have tested this and it works fine, using audio switcher as well. Quite responsive when compared with the Five Ninjas stable build (it is using newer versions of libreelec and kodi which will be why). Nothing wrong with the Five Ninjas build :grin:

If anyone out there wants to give it a go, it should be fine, just bear in mind that it is still alpha / beta release stuff, so it is done at your own risk :grimacing:

Thanks to Chewwit for the hard work



Can you help me with how I can install this build? I’ve used only NOOBS till now and it’s been a hassle free experience.


You need to download chewitt’s build from here, the first post gives link,

I used the .tar file, maybe chewitt or someone else can talk you through a noobs-related route, if that is easier for you. I am not familiar with that route.

I placed the .tar file in the /storage/.update directory and rebooted. The boot up process sees the new .tar file and unpacks and installs the new software. The hard disk was not mounted correctly on a reboot after install, just power it off and when it comes up it boots fine and all the media is there as before. If you want to revert to the Five Ninjas stable build, just select the recovery system at boot time and select the stable / nightly / bloody option as appropriate.

Note: the /storage/.update is a hidden directory ( the dot in front of the “update” name). Apologies if you already know this, not sure your level of knowledge. Make sure you download the correct .tar file, as there is a new compute module version one as well (Slice2), I am not lucky enough to have one of those yet :cry:

After I had helped test the package and chewitt rebuilt it, it works “out of the box”.

Hope this helps