New Stable / Nightly / Bloody build [Oct 19 2015]


I have just updated using Chewitt’s .tar and it has all installed fine.
It does seem quite a lot smoother and nippier (as suggested probably as the files are newer versions).

I upgraded from the bloody build and just copied the .tar file into the Slice “update” folder (using bog standard Finder on Mac, over the wireless network).
A quick reboot and a painless install.
Network settings (for the Synology access) and the hard drive all configured correctly.

If this is good on the original Slice, it should be pretty spanky on the CM3 upgrade.
Thank you for everyones hard work to get to this level, fantastic work!!


@g7ruh and @keith it worked ! And the new build is rather smooth. Thanks chewitt.


I took the plunge… it installs easily and the new look (skin) is pretty good. Transmission doesn’t work on LibreElec, so I have to do more research on that. Otherwise, seems like a keeper!


There is a new version posted today.
It looks even sharper to me and seems a bit quicker again??
Maybe its a placebo effect :grinning:


So after seeing all the positive comments about this build, i decided to upgrade and I’ve been running it for about a week (including a mid week upgrade). This is a big step forward for the slice, menus are great, it seems faster, slicker and more stable.

All of my local videos be it DVD, 720p or 1080i seem to run faultlessly. The youtube addon also works great, and the switch to different refresh rates to match the source video also seems to be much better.

A BIG thank you to everyone who made this happen, cheers.


thanks for the description @g7ruh … you said there is Slice2 - new compute module version but you are not lucky enough to have it yet… Do you have a clue how it was possible to get it for one who baked Slice2? Thanks

@okichatan what you mean by transmission doesn’t work? what is transmission?!? thanks


It is bittorrent client add-on. I saw something on the libreelec forums where they won’t support the add-on due to pirating; didn’t try any of the workarounds.

Stable build changes [UPDATED 4th January 2016]

hi @Ewoks There are some of the new CM in the wild, for those who have been testing it with Slice hardware I think. ( a lucky few :cry: which does not include me)

Gordon was suggesting post above 11th Oct( I think, @Gordon please correct me if I am wrong) that chewitt’s build here may be the way forward in keeping Slice up to date. That is what I have been testing.

Also your post here Stable build changes [UPDATED 4th January 2016] I guess is the same answer, the latest bloody build could be considered the chewitt one.

@MikeBuzz over on chewitts thread (link above) says “The CM3 will definitely need some form of heatsink, I get the temp gauge when updating the library, will have a test with some heatsinks this weekend” Any update Mike?

Given the heat generated from a hard working Pi 3, I am inclined to agree with Mike that an updated Slice may well need a heatsink to connect with the Slice case. Maybe that is the extra value the Five Ninjas can bring to the Slice upgraded CM. I would be happy to pay a bit extra if the shim / heatsink was included. Maybe some thermal transfer material that is a bit flexible to allow movement between the CPU and the Slice case.



Did I got it right that if I am already running on latest bloody, there is no need to flash chewitt flavour cause those are basically the same?


@Ewoks Those who have tried chewitts build have found it to be much more responsive than the current stable build from Five Ninjas, I found it better than the bloody build as well. I think you should consider trying it, you may be surprised with the difference. Note that the chewitt build uses the latest Libreelec / Kodi alpha builds, so much of the responsiveness is because of the new base software and does not reflect on earlier Five Ninjas builds using older versions of Libre and Kodi.

Let us know, here and on chewitt’s site if you try it.



Very happy with the chewitt libreelec build - installed .tar into /storage/.update without a hitch and seems to have rescued a very sick Slice which was repeatedly getting corruption on its storage partition and refusing to boot - no corruptions since this build was loaded. One question… What has the root SSH password changed to? openelec is no longer accepted???
EDIT - Duh… It’s libreelec - as per here…


I was wondering when would the Slice Stable Build would be updated to Kodi 16.1 and whether if you are going to use the Estuary skin with Kodi 17 as I am very excited for the estuary skin because it looks promising . Also approximately how long is it going to take to get the Estuary skin on the slice stable build .

Thank You


New LibreELEC released v7.90.009 info here:

image here:

Not tried it myself yet, will be updating this evening :grin:


The Estuary v2 skin is so much more polished. Kudos to the team !

But navigating through the interface is clearly troubling the compute module. CM3 is all the more required now.


Have you tried the Chorus 2 web interface? That is much faster and smoother in operation than before. Be interesting to see if you think there is improvement there.



Is it in the new 7.90.009 release? If yes, how do I switch?


it is the default interface in .009 so just point your browser at the Slice IP address and you should see the shiny new Chorus 2 interface. I did :relaxed:



I have just posted an issue with the @chewitt build over here about the Slice rebooting when saving playlists longer than a few CDs worth.

This post just in case anyone else has had playlist problems.



Can you please help me because I can’t seem to find the update folder so that I can copy the tar file so can you give me instructions on how to access the the update folder because when I connected the slice to the PC with the USB cable and typed in the IP address of the device noting popped up so please help me


Apologies if you already know any of this, not sure of your level of knowledge. A word of caution: if you are not familiar with delving into Linux related stuff, then it may be better to wait for the released version. This is beta software and things can go wrong, making matters worse. If you are comfortable with doing this update, please do, but at your own risk.

When you connect via USB you just connect the hard drive to the PC as a normal external storage device. This method does not allow you to see any of the internal storage areas, it is just for adding media or for helping restore a Slice using special software. It is not network connected.

You need to connect to the Slice, booted normally. I use WinSCP, login as root, password openelec or libreelec depending on your software version. Looking at the status / info screens in Kodi will tell you the IP address.

the update folder is a hidden directory (prefixed with a . (dot or full stop)). It is located at: /root/storage/.update

Just copy the .tar file to the .update directory and reboot. The boot process detects the .tar file and updates the Slice. Note: after the update and subsequent reboot, I find that the hard disk is not found. Just power down the system and remove the power connector, wait a few seconds and then apply power, the hard disk will be found and all the media will be present.

Hope this helps