No participants?


Is it just my impression or there are just 5-10 active participants on the forum here and other people just come if they have a problem and disappear after that?
second question: is it just me or whole forum feels a bit messy and it is difficult to find info and useful discussions? maybe that can be the reason why so few people are here…

Let’s see what is your opinion about this


You are right on both counts! The lack of participation is disappointing.

TBH I don’t think the design of the forum helps. I would prefer the ‘classic’ design of forum. The other issue is that as an admin I don’t want to aggressively prune the topics for fear of upsetting people…


I regularly (daily) read any new posts on here, but I must admit that I only tend to post either if I have a question, or if I can help anyone else with my limited knowledge…


Similarly I check out the posts pretty much daily.
I also tend to post if I have a question and often post again to resolve it :smile:
At least by experimenting in this way I am starting to navigate around the slice.

I would love to be able to offer further expert programming offerings, however a ZX Spectrum was my limit quite a few years ago. So if you need an offensive message printing on the screen for n=100 times, then I’m your man!


so we are 3 for now… Gordon & Mo and that would be 5… hope I underestimated in first post… :wink:


I am the same as shutterbug, read daily, help if I can, and test new versions of the code too. More than happy to help where I can.

@ninyule I like this forum and the way it works, I can see new posts, it remembers what I have read and the search works too: any or all of those are missing from a lot of other forums (fora??).


@g7ruh, yep I too like those aspects…maybe I will have another go at tidying up - I think it’s present state is a bit daunting for new users.


I try to come by regularly to see if anything is happening. I find that the big problem is that this is yet another forum, and it just takes too long to visit all the forums I should visit.


I also read every post here. But in most cases, I cannot add anything interesting new to the topic, so I am quiet.

Okay, in addition, some topics are far out of my interest, eg the HDD spindown topic, as most HDDs are dying at spinning up or the Remote-Control-Thread.

In addition to that, I am happy with my two - err, now three slices. And, I found out, that my media collection is absolutely incomatible with the content that video- and ausioscrapers can find in the net. So, 50% of Kodi are absolutely useless for me and I’m playing video content directly out of the filesystem. For audio content, I’m using Volumio on another RasPi (which mounts the slice-HDD) as Kodi is a bit suboptimal for audio collections.


@Gordon you could add an option in Slice interface to read/receive news about progress and so on to keep the community connected. For that you could use the RSS feed reader from Kodi. But please add a way to disable it if people do not like it or consider it Spam.


I’m on the same boat as @shutterbug. Visit and view the forum regularly…don’t post quite so much


@ninyule I kinda agree with the forum style. I hate that it isn’t tapatalk compatible


It comes disabled on slice. You have to enable it.


If I understood correctly, he meant Slice progress & updates RSS feed, not Kodi or OpenElec that is by default there