Nobody Answering Emails on



How come nobody is answering emails sent via the website?




I can’t comment as to why there is no answer on the five ninjas site.

Can we on the forum help you with anything?


Hi Keith

I have asked about ordering components. And sent around three emails over a month without response.

I have purchased the Slice bare bones light kit. I wanted to order a remote and case if possible.

Has anyone got 3D print files for the Slice Case. If I cannot buy a case, perhaps I can print one.



Gordon form the five ninjas used to be on here very regularly, although he hasn’t been seen since April apparently.
I can only assume that the hardware side of Slice has sort of slipped into non-activity.

I can’t recall anyone ever offering 3d print files on here.
Although a few of the guys did receive plastic/perspex developer cases, they might be able to help for an alternative?

The other relatively active forum for Slice is on Libreelec with the latest software updates emanating from there.
You may wish to ask/start a thread there to see if anyone has a spare case (from an U/S Slice, might be worth a punt?)

Link below:

Sorry it may not be the answer you hoped for


Hi Keith

Thank you for your help. I will send an email to Pimoroni and check out that website.