Occasional double-key issues with remote control


I didn’t have the double clicking until recently, and it does seem to be getting worse. Only on the OK button that I’ve noticed.


Now I know I can get an regular IR remote to control the Slice, I’m going to abandon the standard remote. I’ll pick up a Samsung DVD player remote and configure the Slice for that. My Panasonic BD player’s remote works a treat, but I want something that won’t also trigger the BD player when I use it.


I have both the original Slice controler and the IR remote (either directly Slice or through an IR box) NOT working without problems. I use a small China made keyboard (which unfortunately is nameless) which works flawlessly. Just yesterday I noticed that my Yamaha amplifier remote also works great as a CEC controler ( both amp. and Slice). Still convinced it is a software problem influenced by CPU workload.


It is Riitek Rii i8 keyboard, availble at less than 20,00 euro’s and it is powered by a small Li-on battery.


The Slice remote is rubbish, and lots of us seem to be having problems with double key presses and missed key presses. I’ve seen this sort of behaviour with poor quality remotes before.

However, since I’ve got my Logitech Harmony working with Slice’s IR receiver, I’ve not had a single control problem. Every key press is responded to accurately.

Have you tried running just a bare Slice with the IR setup, and no other control software installed?


I have just removed the remote USB dongles for both the Slice remote and the little keyboard. Then took the HP MS IR remote control and I must admit it is pretty reliable. Normal klicks seem all to work well. Only after doing real fast klicks and going up and down in a file listing I saw some hickups, but that is asking for trouble. Using the little keyboard has the advantage of also supporting some Kodi option keys and text entry while setting up Kodi (which is not such an issue when yoiu use theSlice skin). Will I be able to do the updates with other input devices than the Slioce remote, since that uses the special Slice keys for updating.


AFAIK you can only do Slice updates either with the supplied remote, or a USB keyboard. It follows that if your remote emulates a USB keyboard, like the flirc, then that will probably work too.


You can do updates direct in the OpenELEC settings, no need to use the remote :smile:


The Slice remote just generates a subset of keys from a normal keyboard…

Tab - (fullscreen playback)
C - context menu / playlist
Up - fwd 10m
Left - back 30s
Enter - select / OSD
Right - fwd 30s
Down - back 10m
Backspace - back
X - stop
Spacebar - pause / play
R - rewind
F - fast forward


I know this topic is ancient history, but if anyone is still having problems with their remote, I was finally able to fix mine.

I ran across some settings in advancedsettings.xml that pertain to remote key press delay and repeat. The following is from the Kodi wiki:

2.10 Input control settings
2.10.1 remotedelay

The repeat delay for a LIRC remote control. A delay value between 1 and
20 before a remote button starts repeating on a long keypress (i.e.
continuously sending button pushes while it’s held down).
Default: 3


2.10.2 remoterepeat

This used to adjust the amount of time in milliseconds between repeated
keystrokes. Used to prevent key-bounce, in other words prevents Kodi
(lirc?) seeing one key press as multiple key presses with certain


I tried leaving the Remote Delay value at the default of 3, and using the suggested 800ms value for Remote Repeat, and my remote has stopped performing multiple key presses with a single button push. Really wish I’d stumbled across this a year ago!

The advancedsettings.xml file belongs in the profile directory on Slice, so create it using the guide on the wiki and then use System/File Explorer on Kodi to copy it from your PC into the Profile directory on Slice.

Ironically, I came across that wiki while looking for ways to increase the video cache for my Fire TV box since it was stuttering a lot on local files. Now both my Kodi boxes work like champs :smile:



If this does indeed fix the problem, perhaps Gordon can incorporate the fix into a future Slice build.


That’s splendid work Kroink!

Thank you for the research and reporting here.



Fantastic work ! I’m going to give it a whirl tonight and report on the success :slight_smile:


@Kroink are you saying this LIRC setting also effects the standard USB remote control? I can believe this would effect an IR remote, but from the documentation it shouldn’t effect a standard keyboard (which is what the RF remote looks like to Kodi)



I wondered about that too @Gordon. Looking at the wiki entry, the wording uses “key” rather than “button” throughout, which suggests to me that it affects any input method rather than just LIRC. Whoever authored that entry also seemed uncertain about it as they wrote “prevents Kodi (lirc?) seeing one key press as multiple” although they did go on to use the word “remote”, so the whole thing is a little ambiguous.

I will reboot my Slice again today and ensure the key bouncing doesn’t return and then reply back here, but I am looking forward to hearing whether any other Slicers (did I just coin that term?) report the same results. My remote has “key bounced” since day one, and nothing else I have tried has ever resolved it even temporarily.



Well, I rebooted and tested again for longer this time and I still get the occasional key bounce, but it does seem greatly improved from what it was with the default values. I sincerely hope that’s not the placebo effect :laughing: I will say that I have noticed that the bounces now only seem to happen when I am clicking the same button rapidly in succession (for e.g. Scrolling up and down a list of shows) - before, I would get one or more bounces the first time I clicked any button.

I’m currently testing a 1600ms delay setting. It seems a marginal improvement over 800ms in regards to the number of bounces. I will try bumping up the delay some more and see if I can eliminate the remaining double bounces - they are seriously the only drawback to an otherwise fantastic Kodi box.