Opensourcing Slice before the finally pulling the plug


@Gordon @Mo

I’m admittedly late to the party, and I’m sad to see Slice is no longer being sold and that these forums will be shutdown eventually.

My plea is simple: Please open source the schematics of the Slice main-board and case to under a copyleft license (to avoid proprietary iterations, example, GPLv3) before completely shutting down everything. This way a project originally funded by a community can end up being owned maintained by a community, avoiding the fate of abandonware.

Seems like the proper thing to do, since the project would have never succeeded without direct support of the community, and you guys will still own a proprietary fork to reuse if future projects, if it comes to that.


This would be great however I think Gordon has previously addressed it:


@keith I was expecting that answer.

This is exactly why I stopped backing closed-source crowdfunding, since I find that move highly unethical, due to the way the project was funded, as the community supported a huge chuck of the risk.

Oh well, it’s their right to do that, but I still had to ask.

Thank you for finding the answer for me, because I completely missed it.


What isn’t apparent is who actually owns the IP and what are they going to do with it?


It is. That’s why I said it was unethical, but not illegal.

I just hope other crowd-funders have learned this lesson by now before funding the risk of a project.


Sorry, but it’s not obvious to me who does now own the Slice IP and what they’re planning to do with it - can anyone explain, or post a link to somewhere that does say what happened?

Still very happily using my CM3-upgraded Slice on LibreElec 8.2.4, but sad that it never developed further - I guess the flood of cheap Android TV/PVR boxes rather killed it off?


I believe it is Pimeroni but I could be wrong.