Organising media in preparation?



I have a bunch of media in various formats that I’m hoping to play on my Slice when it arrives.
Do I need to organise the files in advance in order for slice to recognise it an catalogue it?

Or when I transfer all the folders and files in various formats, will it organise it all itself?



First thing is, no matter what you name it and whatever directory structure you have you will be able to play the files, but you’ll lose out on all the nice-ness of the Kodi interface. If you follow the simple guide below then all of your media will scan properly and everything will be awesome!


Great - thanks for this.

A couple of weeks ago I downloaded ViMediaManager ( and organised all my content to the XBMC setting.

Will this work OK, or should I undo all the ordering and just have folders with media files in there?



Thanks @Gordon. I followed your guidance and named files in preparation as per the link. Now though I have just watched @Mo 's Vimeo movie for adding media and he recommends in that when naming files; spaces are replaced with full stops, and there is no sign of brackets around year dates… Which of these is the best naming convention to follow, or does it actually make no difference? Thanks


From (

In order to be scanned correctly, movie file names should only have the title and the year (optional) followed by the file extension. Media source flags can also be added via file names to indicate source/quality of the movie (see link for more info).
To improve matching add the year within parenthesis to the end of the file or foldername, depending on your scanning method and folder structure (before the extension, if filename), this naming standard seems to yield the best results.
Note: If the wrong movie is picked up even if foldername or filename is correct, the movie can have an earlier original title. This often happens to movies made in 1950’s and after.
\Movies\Pulp Fiction (1994).avi
\Movies\Reservoir Dogs (1992).avi
\Movies\The Usual Suspects (1995).avi
\Movies\Avatar (2009)-cd1.mkv
\Movies\Avatar (2009)-cd2.mkv
\Movies\Avatar (2009)\somefilename.mkv
\Movies\The Usual Suspects (1995)\somefilename.avi
\Movies\The Usual Suspects (1995)\somefilename-cd1.avi
\Movies\The Usual Suspects (1995)\somefilename-cd2.avi
\Movies\Avatar (2009)\Avatar (2009)-cd1.mkv
\Movies\Avatar (2009)\Avatar (2009)-cd2.mkv
And for DVD-Video movies stored in file-mode on the harddrive or SMB NFS:
\Movies\Alien (1979)\VIDEO_TS.IFO
\Movies\Léon (1994)\VIDEO_TS.IFO
\Movies\Scarface (1983)\VIDEO_TS.IFO
\Movies\Alien (1979)\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO
\Movies\Léon (1994)\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO
\Movies\Scarface (1983)\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO
Note: If using VIDEO_TS folder structure you must enable “recursive” lookup when adding the source directory.


This is all great.

In the kodi wiki link it links to a mac app called ViMediaManager.
I’ve sorted my media with that and it’s created lots of sub folders etc.
Can I drag that across? Or do I need to pull the individual movie files back out of it and rename and reimport into slice?



You don’t need all this fancy software as long as your files are named right Kodi will get all the metadata for you.


My filenames are spaces with the date in brackets, and tinkering around with Plex (different software I know, but an offshoot of XBMC) it found the films no problem.


I have movies on a usb hard drive, written like this, The Hunger Games (2012) 720p will this be ok or will i have to change to this, The.Hunger.Games.(2012).720p ?


You can have it either way it will work, if you like it cleaner you can use as follow:

The Hunger Games (2012)
The Hunger Games.2012
The Hunger Games 2012

You don’t need the rest, only title and year, except if it’s 3D but that’s another story.


I’ve got all of mine with just the name using spaces and no year, (example - The Lord of The Rings 1) I would say that 95% are found without issue, the others are wrong matches (same title, different year) I could fix this but with over 1600 movies I’m just not that bothered, fixing the odd one that is wrong takes no time at all.


Thanks Cecemf for your response, just waiting for my Slice now hoping it arrives before the end of the month as I bought a early bird 2


Any thoughts on how to organize DVD extras? For example, I have the Bond 50 Bluray collection all ripped, including the extras that I’m interested in.

Guess the best solution as mentioned above would be something like:
\Movies\Dr No 1962\Dr No 1962.mkv
\Movies\Dr No 1962\The Making of Dr No.mkv
\Movies\Dr No 1962\Some other extra.mkv
\Movies\From Russia With Love 1963\From Russia With Love 1963.mkv

[edit - update] Actually using Google a little more gave me the answer. Just use the Kodi add-on VideoExtras ( as it is a normal add-on I suppose it will work with Slice just as well. Thought It’d post it anyway in case someone else has the same query.


So after the discussion above I spent the best part of yesterday (about 9 hours) experimenting with about 20 media files. I renamed them in all kinds of ways and the best format that worked (all 20 files matched properly) was the following:

A View to a Kill (1985).mkv

The worst was this - - it only matched 14 of the 20 correctly.

I deliberately chose files that I knew had different versions, I also chose files with odd names.

Friday the 13th (1980) was fine but when I added Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) it got confused and tried to but both as the same title but with more than one part; understandable but not helpful, I tried renaming it to just Friday the 13th part2 (1981) and Friday the 13th PT2 (1981) but the one that worked the best was simply Friday the 13th (1981).

I hope this helps others. :smile:


Thank you very much ! I think a lot of people now owe you a beer :wink:


Certainly happy to buy TechieBloke a beer having put my mind at ease over the 900 movies I have ready to transfer! I’ve always wanted mine named without the fullstops and the year so a relief to know they will still pull the info through, albeit with the odd exception! All I need now is a slice!


Hey there Beer,

Did you get the add-on to work ? I’m trying to install it but it requires to update the Confluence skin, which Slice doesn’t use…

Thanks for advice,



@Zinston, checking here, Section 5:

it looks like you can safely ignore the Confluence update. Its wiki certainly doesn’t indicate it only works with Confluence…


Thank you! But it doesn’t seem to work and I did everything up to the Confluence update… I’ll keep searching…


I, too, am having trouble with VideoExtras addon. I’ve told it where to find the files (SliceHD) and the extras I have are in an Extras folder. No dice. The only thing it DID do is tell Kodi to ignore files in a directory marked Extras as it no longer tries to sift through the database for those (and get them all wrong).

The wiki file for this addon seems incomplete - leaving out small, but important, steps.