OSMC experiment with Pi


I have just finished playing with an OSMC build on an old Raspberry Pi1 I had.

The idea was to stream from a Synology NAS to the upstairs bedroom, using the Pi stuck on the back of the telly.

I was impressed with the ease of installation and the software experience and seems to work very well indeed.
So impressed that I bought the official remote and a wifi 5Ghz dongle.
The remote works superbly.
The dongle wasn’t so straight forward.
I got in touch with Sam Nazarko (who has had a few posts on the Slice forum about using OSMC on the Slice) and I must say I was VERY impressed with his superb customer support.
I think the strange connection issues with the dongle might be power supply related and that a powered USB hub might resolve.

For the avoidance of doubt I am not associated with OSMC, just a happy user/customer.


A quick update if anyone is interested:

I managed to use the Slice provided dual USB A to micro B Y-connector to boost the power supplied from the mains USB (double USB out).
This resolved all of the wireless issues and the “official” OSMC wifi dongle worked a treat!

So the problem was a limited power supply to the Pi (apparently a very common problem)

Thanks again to Sam for providing his ongoing assistance.