While I’m still waiting for my Slice to be delivered (got my “shipping soon” announcement on 18th) I was wondering how to install Plex in to it? I found the RasPlex site but it only tells how to install RasPlex on SD card and not in the internal memory that Slice has got.

I already have a Plex server running and I’m used to watch my media on different devices (computers, tablets, phones, etc.) and keeping media in sync (what’s watched and what’s not).

And yes, I know about the PleXBMC add-on, it just does not function well enough to be used.


Any news on RasPlex?


The FiveNinjas have halted work on installing other OS. There is a possibility that dual boot will not be implemented.


Unfortunately supporting multiple operating systems is a problem for us, I was hoping it’d just work with the NOOBS system, but it causes more trouble than it’s worth.

I believe that someone was able to get it to work by copying the RasPlex files into the update samba share. You can search for that…

In future, we were hoping to create a Windows (only) update mechanism which would allow you to install any Raspberry Pi image onto Slice, but it’s not a simple thing…



I have deleted posts made incorrect by the passage of time and will consolidate all posts re dual boot into this topic.


Just received my slice two pack, pretty impressed so far. I’m hoping to setup secondary boot for raspbian for fiddling around with, specifically for running emulators.

Anyone happen to have some simple setup steps for installing a second OS for someone less skilled than the average linux user?


Dual boot is not currently supported, and @Gordon has indicated recently he may drop development of this function.



Unfortunately dual booting Slice is actually possible, but it’s fraught with problems that end up being significantly more complex that the average linux user is comfortable with…

I will probably return to it once we’ve got everything a little more stable but for now it’s a little too unstable