Pine 64 - A new Raspberry Pi competitor


I’ve just been reading about a new single board computer on Kickstarter. The Pine 64 offers 4K output, up to 2GB of RAM, and is allegedly faster than the RPi2.

They start at $29. For $59 (+ $15 postage to the UK) they do a media player version, which looks interesting…


Thanks @shutterbug, very interesting…

So what do our more tech -ey chaps think?? Has this team got any kind of track record??


Yes, it looks interesting. I’m guessing that those MALI 400 based SoCs have come right down in price considering the number of phones that they are used in. In terms of performance, the CPU is a bit faster than the Pi 2 but I think the GPU is about equivalent to the Pi 2 - the Videocore really kicks butt and it’s only really recently that phone GPUs have pulled ahead. As for the price - $19 for the one that is equivalent to the Pi 2 seems cheap and who knows if they can make the things, let alone in any sort of volume. Everyone underestimates the difficulty of manufacture which is why the Pi stands out as it’s the only single board computer in it’s class that has been made in any significant numbers.


I like that it is “ready” for 3.7v lithium battery power.

And that’s about it. :slight_smile: