Probs connecting to wifi


I’ve received my new Slice machine a few days ago. The problem is I can’t connect to wifi because the screen is blank in the slice settings under Connections.

I watched how to video. I have clicked the wireless networks, now showing active, and wired turned off.

I then go to connections and click on it and nothing happens. I also click on Bluetooth and nothing happens.

I have both the Bluetooth dongle and the wifi dongle in the USB ports on the slice maching. I have rebooted, turned the wifi on and off and also turned the router off and on and also turned the slice off and on and still nothing happens.

Please help?


Hi also have closed down slice, removed the wifi dongle, rebooted splice machine and put the dongle back in and when I go to connections, the same thing. I click on connections and nothing happens


Just to be clear the black dongle that came with the remote control is not a bluetooth dongle, it is an RF dongle which talks to the remote and so will not show up as a bluetooth dongle.

The WiFi dongle should work fine if you just plug it into the Slice USB ports… I assume the remote control is working correctly?

It would also be useful to check one of the other USB ports, just to check they are all working correctly (maybe just using a USB keyboard if you’ve got one handy)

Finally you can try plugging the WiFi dongle into a PC or Mac (or Raspberry Pi!) and check to see if it does anything, this should tell you whether the dongle has been damaged in transit…