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You may be interested to read about our journey through the Slice project, ask questions !



Great write up, now whats the next project for the Ninjas?


At the moment we’re still not sure what to do next or whether we’ll do anything next…

The compute module 2 will happen early next year of course but until then we’re just going to be continuing where we are



It might be worth offering the board without case as I know that the case is making it out of reach for some, and the makers out there could make their own cases based on the board.

Can’t wait to get the CM2 will allow a few more options on the slice, I tried emulation on the rpi2 it’s so much better, now if could get that all in the slice would be very happy


Also the slice with cm2 if the price is kept the same makes it a lot more attractive


Good read. Thanks for sharing


cm2 will be 100% compatible to the actually shipped slice? It will be a plug&Play module?



We made sure when developing CM2 that we didn’t add anything that wasn’t backwards compatible. So when we have CM2 available we’ll be able to offer it pre-loaded with latest Pi 2 supporting Slice OS.



Good post.

Some feedback.

I like the aluminium case but I have the slide under the TV and if it was using a good plastic case (mine is black) I would not be able to tell the difference. I guess plastic would make the slide cheaper and more competitive with other solutions For what saw while waiting for our units, the aluminium case was the biggest headache and reason from most of the delays.

When I ordered the Slide it was because I thought the Ambilight system was going to be produced but it seems on hold forever .This was (for me) a clear differentiation for the system.

For feature reviews of the HW, I would add IRBlaster (short and long) for AV and home automation and a presence detector (similar to NEST). With this you could make the Slice to do a lot of fancy tricks once we have the CPU power of CM2: Control HUE, control heating/air conditioning, control home theater,…



Yes, plastic is one way we could have gone, but if you do that you are no longer differentiated between Slice and all those cheapo plastic Android boxes (except of course they tend not to have as good media playback capability as Raspberry Pi)

Unfortunately the Ambilight system is on hold until we can reduce our capital expenditure on Slice, of course you can help that by helping us sell more Slices!


Do not forget the Disk as another differentiation. the improved sound compared with RPI and the possibility to run all the other RPI OS. Desktop, Volumio, …


I love the aluminium case. Lots of people have admired my red Slice under the tv. For me the Slice’s standout feature is simply the quality and reliability of the media playback. Even the mega-powerful Amazon fireTV can’t match Slice for glitch-free video playback.

I would like more horsepower, to make the GUI a little snappier, but we should get that with CM2.

The Ambilight or reactive lighting was another big differentiator for me, but I suspect we may never see it… I live in hope though!

Long term, Slice2 should have 4K output.