Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 has been released


For those of you interested in speeding up your Slice and converting it to a Slice 3, Raspberry Pi have now released the CM3 hardware

If you’re quick you should be able to get in there and buy one. If you want to do this, you’ll need to be able to following the instructions to program the eMMC from the raspberry pi documentation:





Thanks, Gordon
Already snagged my upgrades, should be here tomorrow.


Great, then use chewitt’s Slice3 build of LibreELEC.

This means you lose the recovery system, but the standard LibreELEC update capability is good enough for this!



is there a difference betwen CM3 and CM3 Lite or we can order any?!


@Gordon is there any plan of selling them through five ninjas, or is everyone on its own there ? (not complaining, just asking to know what to do)



the lite version does not have flash memory so you can add your own SD card or memory, so you MUST get the CM3 module, NOT the lite one



Yes that’s true, although I was going to try to boot my Slice using a lite version and then boot from the hard drive. If I can get this working properly then that means you’d just copy LibreELEC builds to the hard drive just like you would to an SD card, meaning flashing the Slice would be much easier than having to install software and following the instructions etc…

Will keep you updated with progress on this!



According to the instructions in the link you have to use the Compute IO board to program the emmc. Is there no way to do it in the SLICE itself? Otherwise it’s £70 for the Compute IO board!!


@Gordon Just ordered my CM3 from Farnell Austria.
The instructions to program the eMMC on raspberrypi.org talk about the CMIO board, usb slave port and Jumper J4.
Assume this is also possible also on the Slice PCB. Otherwise I’ll have to buy a much more expensive CMIO board.


Interesting idea, since I have SSD booting Pi 3s here. I await your updates :grinning:

Only thought is that you may create support problems for the (awesome) Five Ninjas with users having different base units. It is OK for those of us who tinker, we should know better, and should be able to dig ourselves out of problems with minimal help



Great news, just ordered mine :grinning:


@Gordon is there a plan to launch a pre-programmed CM3 with Libreelec? I can order one and follow the procedure to flash the eMMC using the procedure, despite my lack of required skills, but if there’s an easier alternative I’d be more than happy to choose it.


You can use the Slice rather than the CMIO board, to do this you just plug the host computer (Pi, Mac or PC) into the micro USB port whilst the Slice is powered through the DC jack.

This will enable the device boot mode…



Well this is great news!

I’ve just ordered one. The RS website was unbelievably slow, so after messing about on there trying to buy one for about an hour, I eventually decided to try Farnell instead. One ordered, but OOS until early February.

Perhaps by the time it arrives one of lucky people who got in earlier would like to write a step-by-step guide on here for the software installation? Either using a Mac or Windows.


I managed to eventually order one through RS after many website failures.

With any luck it should be here tomorrow - so by tomorrow night I will have probably bricked my slice :thinking: so a recovery guide using the slice back plane will probably be useful too.


:’( No shops delivering the CM3 to german private customers (only companies).


Just got this answer from HBE…

Farnell and HBE Versand expect some 4.400 modules on Feb 5th.
Price shall be 35,38 € (including German VAT).

HBE is selling to private customers.


I could get one from Farnell Finland but not sure I have enough skills to do the update etc needed.


Like you, I’m a bit dubious about my ability to install the update, but I’ve ordered one and I’m very much hoping that our dear friends on the forum will come to the rescue with a step-by-step installation guide :slight_smile:


Watterott (Germany) also just confirmed to deliver CM3 “end of January”.

(Watterott is selling to private customers - I ordered my 1st RPi3 there!)