Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 has been released


well doh…cant get one from Farnell and no distributors for private customers here…any global sellers in EU?


Try RS Components


I am sure someone will post their experiences and point you at the how-to and describe any issues or KIVs

I sucessfully reflashed my Slice Lite Kit when it arrived and seemed ‘bricked’. The things I recall are that you MUST have the power plugged in and then connect it to a computer: that means the computer sees the flash not the hard drive. I used the Windows installer.

In our case this time, we have a backup system (the old CM module) which will restore full running, if we have problems.

I will report back when I have done mine (if nobody else has first), I am expecting my module to arrive today, but that is subject to the vagaries of the Great British Postal System :worried:



Did anyone else receive a Compute Module Lite from Farnell instead of a Compute Module? It is easy to tell, on the reverse side of the PCB you should have two ICs, one on each side. If U7 is unpopulated, you have a LITE.

I now have 2 LITEs

It seems Farnell have had a few queries today about this. I will post updates later, if I hear any more.


Update: Farnell placed Lites in the CM3 stock bin, all the ones in the Lite bin are Lites, I asked them to check. I have a refund and have ordered them from RS (having checked the part number several times).

Hopefully they will arrive today.


Yeah I have too incorrectly got the lite version of the module from Farnell. I have contacted them and am awaiting a reply.



Yup, they’ve sent me a lite version too despite being careful about ordering the full CM3.


Great news, will order mine too !


Where do you buy it from?


Try RS



I’m now the proud owner of a shiny new CM3 from RS. I managed to get onto their website yesterday and finally complete an order, which was put through my letterbox by Parcelforce at 8am today! I’ll be cancelling my order with Farnell.

I’ve managed to follow the instructions and flash the emmc using the Windows installer, and I now have the 4GB flash showing up as a mass storage device in Windows.

Now I’m stuck! How do I install LibreElec onto the CM3?

Many thanks for any help.


This works only if you are living in the UK. Or does someone know how to have them deliver to a different country? Trying through the local Swedish RS website, they are only supporting pro customer (and not private persons).


What did you install onto the eMMC?
If you copy the LibreELEC-Slice2.arm-7.90.008.img file onto it, that is LibreElec (without NOOBS)


So now you’ve got access to the eMMC you need to write the LibreELEC build onto it…

To do this, you just need to install the installer from LibreELEC


And download the slice build from chewitt’s builds…


So you need to download the ‘Slice2’ .img.gz file and extract the .img file from it. Then point the LibreELEC installer at the .img file and at the Slice mass storage device




Does the CM3L version come with the OPT programed to boot from USB, or would this need to be set, as at the moment i seem to have misplaced my CMIO :frowning:

Also have you ever come across a CM3 that rpiboot does not work with? as my orignal card i just get the waiting message when running rpiboot, this is from both Windows and Ubuntu


Thanks Gordon, I can follow that.

Unfortunately, I’d already managed to get myself into a pickle before your reply…

I copied the img.gz file over to the CM3 in Windows. Now after rebooting, the 4GB drive no longer shows in Windows, and so also can’t be seen by the installer.

So I’m sorry, but two more questions:

How do I start afresh with the CM3?

After using rpiboot on the CM3, Windows prompts wanting to format the drive. Should I proceed or ignore?

Many thanks again, Roy.


When plugging in the USB from the powered Slice I no longer get the Windows chime as it recognises a USB device, hence why the drive doesn’t appear in Windows file manager.

Running rpiboot simply says “Waiting for BCM283x”, presumably for the same reason.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing…

Perhaps I won’t cancel my back-ordered Farnell CM3, I may be needing a spare :slight_smile:



  1. I just added power to my Slice with the USB connected to Windows PC
  2. Ran the windows CM-boot-installer: a 3.9GB drive then showed up in Windows
  3. unzipped the .gz file so I was left with the .img file
  4. I used Etcher (but win32diskimager will work too) to copy the .img file to the 3.9GB drive
  5. (etcher gave a verification error which I ingnored, as I am just testing
  6. removed power and usb
  7. rebooted Slice and watched the screen to see the .img file install and then boot into Kodi

I guess you may want to back up Kodi so you can restore onto the CM3



I sometimes get this with Windows and SD cards on my PIs

First try a different USB port, if nothing then…

Windows cannot find a drive letter is a possibility. I just use Drive Manager to select the SD card / 3.9GB flash and right click on the drive and select ‘change drive letter and paths’ just add a drive letter, close the program and Windows should now see the drive at the drive letter you assigned

See if these ideas help then follow the process I described in your other post


EDIT: If you remove a USB mounted drive in Windows, it often does not see it on re-insertion. The disk image writers remove the drive at the end of writing the image but cannot “safely remove the device” as it is no longer visible to Windows: as far as I can tell that is what seems to happen. The above fixies it.


Thanks Roger.

I’ve tried all the different USB ports on my laptop - nothing. The 4GB drive does not appear in Disk Management.

Before I stupidly copied the file over in Windows the 4GB drive was showing fine. I’m not sure what damage I have done, but I assume I need to get the CM3 back to its virgin state so I can start afresh.

Any ideas?

Thanks - Roy.


I think we may need to invoke NINJA POWER HERE @Gordon can you help

Just a thought (and I am sure you have…) did you remove power from the Slice, reinsert power then connect the USB to the PC? A reboot of the PC is also helpful.

I recall that I had the same issue with my Slice Lite and had the program waiting on the BCM device, feared the worst (bricked Slice) but was able to fix it, I think from a combination of the above posts. A while ago so I am not sure, but I do know that the Slice got going again fairly quickly and all was well!