RasPlex OS on Slice


MikeBuzz has got Rasplex working on Slice - NOTE this REPLACES Kodi.

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Just having a quick look it would seem its based on OpenELEC, so in theory yes

you should be able to take the downloads from

get the following


extract the tar file
copy this file to the update share on the Slice
reboot and should work

of course this has not been tested and would not be supported :smile:



Has anyone been able to verify MikeBuzz’ good work??


Yes, I have also installed RasPlex onto SLICE using the same approach - works a charm and took just a few mins.

Tip for anyone else trying it: During setup, you’ll be asked if you want to pre-cache the library - you should allow this. Takes 10-15 mins but will improve performance no end.

It performs pretty well, occasional lag, but nothing too troubling. Fingers crossed when/if computer module 2 comes out it’ll work ok with this and give it that little boost.


Compute Module 2 will definitely work with Slice


Hi, just wondering if I wanted to give Rasplex a try, would the relevant file , extracted and placed correctly in the update folder of the Slice be there with other noobs versions of original OS such that I could simply restore to original if it didn’t work out?