Reinstalling OS?


How does an individual reinstall the slice OS if they sort of accidentally deleted it? doesn’t boot after it shows the slice recovery option.

#2 has instructions on how to mount the eMMC storage as a removable media device on Windows computer or Linux. Then grab the LibreELEC USB/SD writer app from and select the CM1 or CM3 image (depending on what you have). The app will write the OS image directly to the eMMC as if it were an SD card. This results in a noobs-free Slice install which is simpler and faster to boot. If you were previously using the original SliceOS this also brings you up to the latest version of Kodi. If you don’t like the new Estuary skin you can reinstall Confluence from the Kodi repo, but the original Slice skin is not available. I personally like the Estuary skin with the ‘midnight’ colours as they’re similar to Slice blue.