Remote Control from Sony Remote


Can someone please advise an ignorant user.

My Slice remote has gone faulty and I have switched to using the Kodi app on my phone.

The other night my daughter announced that the Sony TV remote worked perfectly to start, pause, stop, browse etc.

I said “rubbish” as how would the Slice know about an infra red command between he remote and my Sony TV. But it works really well and I have no idea why.

Can someone explain?

Slice simply connected by hdmi to the TV and birth are connected to my network if that would make any difference.

Just cannot understand how this is working.


When you power on your slice, with tv on, it will briefly say CEC connected, this is what allows your tv remote to control the slice over HDMI.
See :-
Consumer Electronic Control
PS the slice will also use infrared, but you would need to set that up yourself, I re-purposed an old ir remote for my Slice, that also works very well. :smile:


Brilliant. I thought CEC might be involved, just didn’t know that infrared commands went through the tv to the Slice at that “micro level”. Volume sure, but other commands I found hard to believe.

Brilliant feature and wouldn’t have got so frustrated with the original Slice remote had I known this!. Totally Sht piece of plastic.

Thanks for explaining. Now I just need to “button press experiment” to see what functionality I can get to e.g. turn off subtitles