Retropie installation in slice



Does anyone installed retropie in slice [multi os so that can be used as media player and also retro emulator]?

Is something impossible to do or fairly reasonable? Any help/suggestion/pointers welcomed!


I want to do this to mine, but its above my skill level. Unless their is a simple guide to follow.

If you manage it will you let me know how you done it. Thanks


Sounds like a great idea but… the raspberry pi is only a pi 1 now there up to a 3, so thinks could struggle a bit I fear


Kodi v18 (Leia) includes retroplayer support. It has a few rough edges (still work in progress) but as long as you understand the complexities of emulators and roms (i.e. which works with which) it runs nicely, and things will improve with time. Cons = not quite as polished as some of the dedicated game OS at the moment. Pros = no need to run two OS on the box.


I have Compute Module 3 in my slice (upgraged from CM1) is that not the equivalent to Raspberry Pi 3