Rubber feet relocation


Now I have my Slice (preview) complete with 2Tb disk installed, I have the urge to peel off the feet and put them in the screwholes.

Any thoughts?


I did this when we first sourced them and @Jon said 'I should never do it again’.

(I did it again).

They do fit well in the holes and still give you a small bit of clearance but they are fiddly to get out :slight_smile:


@Jon @Guru

Show @Ian the foot locator we commission NASA to make.


It’s like that but a bit smaller.


Laser cutters rule :smiley:

So what we have hereis 2 pieces of precise laser-cut acrylic wiv 'oles in. This means we can place the feet in a precise and repeatable location. The bare Slice goes into the gap in the first layer. The second has holes for the little feet.

We have round feet because then you can’t put them at an odd and aesthetically displeasing angle.

As mentioned, they do fit perfectly into the screw holes. We decided against that as the message is “Don’t open your Slice”.


And you use it when assembling to avoid scratches? I’m impressed. I would have just put the feet in a baggy.


The feet on my Slice have moved around leaving trails of slime anyway… Had to peel them off and put them back in place, I may need to buy some feet with better adhesive to go on them.