Selling my slice


I got the 1 TB slice but very shortly after got a nvidia shield tv and find myself not really using slice. I never even updated it and have watched MAYBE 10 hours of video on it.

I would like to sell it if anyone is interested. You can paypal me and I’ll ship with UPS.

$200 shipping included



I am really interested in buying Slice Media player if you still have it.



Hi where are you located for the shipping?


I am in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK


Ok let me double check the shipping rates to the UK. I will message tonight or tomorrow. I had planned on including shipping but international can get very expensive. However, I think it will fit in a small flat rate box and be reasonable enough to be included in the $200.

If so I can ship and send you a tracking number as soon as you make a payment using paypal if that works for you. It will track it until the UK customs. After that royal mail takes over.

I will also take some photos of it and send to you so that you can see it is in like new condition.


I can send it to you for $200. PM me your address and email. I’ll send you some pictures of it and my PayPal account.