Slice 4K support


Hello I bought my Slice some years ago and I am still using the CM1 module. I never had any problems apart from the fact that Slice is quite slow but now I need to watch 4K and H265 content

I have been using OSMC on Pi 3 as it seems a lot faster and I do not like OpenELEC because it’s not customisable and really locked down

Do you think you guys can tell us if there will be a 4K Slice in the future? I am considering OSMC Vero 4K because it supports 4K and looks like a good device and good support but would love it if there is a new CM Upgrade to do this



Slice is dead. Buy a VERO 4K or APPLE TV 4K or NVIDIA SHIELD


Sadly, and with zero warning or explanation whatsoever, Slice and the Ninjas have evaporated. The Apple TV 4K isn’t going to be (immediately) customizable, however, Apple isn’t going to suddenly vanish and leave us all to fend for ourselves. What they did was despicable.


Now hold on. We were never promised 4K. We were never even led to believe 4K would ever be supported by Slice. Look at the hardware specs of the Pi. It’s just not going to happen with the current gen. Will future Pi’s support 4k? Some day, sure. But it would be foolish to wait. If you want 4K now, buy one of the various 4K solutions. I went with the Nvidia Shield. It’s a solid device. The Ninjas didn’t evaporate. They sold the business. I would have done the same thing in their shoes. Odroid C2 and Asus Tinker Board support 265/4K but are different hardware packages from the Pi, as well as harder to develop for than the Pi.


Exactly, if you need h254 + 4K, get a different hardware.
On the Slice + CM3, h265 (not Hi10) + HD plays smoothly though.

It is unfair to complain about Slice. You got 2 years of maintenance and the possibility of upgrading both the hardware and software afterwards, if you choose to.


Please do not reply while intoxicated. I did not say anything AT ALL about being promised 4K. Not. One. Thing. I recommended the Apple TV because that company isn’t going away and they are going to be around to support their customers. Period. That’s what I said. You imagined reading much more than I wrote.


Stop being a rude jackass. The Ninjas weren’t despicable. They delivered
exactly what they promised. EXACTLY. The Slice does exactly what they
promised. They owe you no explanation. Since they, you know, DELIVERED
EXACTLY WHAT THEY PROMISED. They made a business decision to sell. You
got your Slice. STOP WHINING. Don’t bother replying. I’m filtering you


Thanks much for replies

To be honest I like Slice but it seems it is going nowhere so I am going to sell my Red one please PM me if interested.

Just received my Vero 4K and it is quite clearly a very good device also supported for five years with monthly updates so should last me a while.

Thanks FiveNinjas for everything I agree with @cenotaph that we all received our Slices and there was a lot of support.



Replying anyway because others will still read this. What they DELIVERED to me, (thanks for screaming, asshole), was a damaged Slice and absolutely, positively ZERO support. Nothing. Not one reply to any of the polite email messages I sent asking for help. They took my money, delivered a chunk of shit and disappeared.