Slice as Kodi MySQL server


Not sure if this has already been covered elsewhere, can Slice be configured as a MySQL server for other Pi-based Openelec devices across the house?


Nope, SQL client only, there might be unofficial SQL addons but would be best to check with OpenELEC


I think kodi uses SQLite so wouldnt have a need for MySQL


For a shared library it uses mysql


Or could try


Ah right I see, everyday’s a school day.


Sharing libraries is no problem @MikeBuzz I use UPnP already, and it works like a dream. What I thought of achieving is stopping playback of a movie in the living room and picking it up where I left off from the bedroom.


In that case then you will need a some way of running mysql, there was a unofficial addon for mysql on OpenELEC but dont think thats around anymore, so you would either need to run it on a NAS or another PC


I’m using this unofficial LAMP


@sodd Thanks for the information. But I’m not technically oriented enough to take advantage such mods, which might result in Slice crashing. I’m very happy with the way the device is running and able to share the files over the network.

But in isolation, I might give it a try.