Slice can't handle reboot


Hi, I recently started having some problems with my Slice.
Sometimes the Slice will unmount the HDD by itself, so when I come to play something, the files on the HDD are inaccessible. The HDD can also not be accessed over the network.

When this happened (With the Slice as it came out of the box) I used to restart it, and this would fix the problem. However, a few weeks ago I was foolish enough to update my Slice to Kodi 15.2 Isengard Stable. Now the problem with the unmounting HDD still happens every now and then, but restarting the Slice causes a total crash.

Every time I restart my Slice, I get the following message at the splash screen:

_Error in mount_storage: mount_common: Could not mount LABEL=SETTINGS _
Starting debugging shell… type exit to quit ###
sh: can’t access tty: job control turned off

Now, I know that this can be fixed by starting the recovery console, switching to advanced mode, back to basic, and reinstalling, and I have done this quite a few times over the last few weeks. However, this happens absolutely every time I reboot the Slice. With a couple of terabytes to scrape every time I loose all my settings, it is beginning to be a tedious process.

Does anybody have any tips as to why this happens, and if anything can be done to fix this? Since the Slice sometimes freezes or unmounts the HDD by itself, it must be possible to restart it without having to reinstall every time.

Oh, and it doesn’t matter how I restart it, menu setting, pull the power, ssh with shutdown command, ssh with poweroff, ssh with restart, it always causes the Slice to not boot up again.

Thanks for any and all help.



So, no helpful tips on how to solve this issue?


The “error in mount” message means the SYSTEM file cannot be unpacked. This usually indicates a HDD with errors; hence new install to sectors which are not (yet) marked bad works, until another sector dies and the system cannot boot again.


Thanks for the answer.

So basically you recommend that I do a scan and repair by connecting the Slice to a windows computer?
While waiting for any tips I did that, and it did indeed find errors which were repaired. Funnily enough this process made entire seasons of various tv series disappear from the HDD entirely, so I guess there really was some faults.

After reinstalling Kodi it now seems to be stable, although I am a bit leery of restarting the Slice.

BTW, I understand that we are not ever supposed to just pull the plug on the Slice to reboot it, but what other choice do I have if it freezes completely?



I wouldn’t recommend attempting to repair Slice or any other Linux device from a Windows computer because Windows hasn’t a clue about most of the partition and filesystem formats used. I’m also forgetting Slice boots from eMMC on the CM board not an SD card or the internal drive. If the eMMC has repeated filesystem errors it’s probably time to invest in a CM3 board upgrade as there’s probably a fault on the existing CM(1) card.


Yes, I did find that out when I dismantled the Slice, looking for the SD card… :stuck_out_tongue: It would probably be best with a new compute module, and at the same time upgrade to CM3.

Thanks for all the help.