Slice CM3 cooling mods


I received payment of USD 13 from @cenotaph and @ronhanson. Will be shipping out your blocks today.


Thanks a lot @rahuljawale, I have well received the cooper block.


Any help with cooling slice with a raspberry pi 3 module? Would love to buy the cooling blocks but feel like I’m very late to the party


I have a few blocks available from the second run.


I’ve got my Slice CM3 rig running RasPlex down to 47° C from 68° C playing BlueRays or Dvds using 2 Standard heatsinks that are normally shipped with some Pi Cases. - The Blue ones :wink:
I’ve got one sitting on the CM3 and the other off-set on the lid so that they interlock.
Then I filled the space in between with Arctic-Silver Thermalpaste and then closed the Lid.
I then opened the rig again to check if the pieces fitted together.
All looked good. the two heatsinks fitted - interlocked - 1A and the spread from the paste was spot on.
Now every thing is spot on, Temps never above 52° C :slight_smile: