Slice CM3 cooling mods


Just a thought, mabe cheaper to post from source to some places rather than sending to UK and then further. Not wishing to make extra work for the supplier, but UK postage tends to be “rather high”.

PS, I don’t need one as I made my own :cry:


I’m based in Finland


I’m in the UK and would be happy to pay the £13 up front.


I’m in New Zealand. Do you have a PayPal account I could credit? PM me if so… regards, Steve


Im in the US paypal would be great


I’m ok with £13 thanks for organising this


Yep - no problem paying up front. I’m UK-based.


I’ve used a big piece of copper 70mmx80mmx11mm with thermal paste and some epoxy to fixate it.
(allthough I had to remove a bit of the epoxy around the double USB port to make it fit again :sweat_smile:)

I’ve also used a 3mm thermal pad under the CM3 module so it wouldnt be pushed down much.
Another 3mm thermal pad gets sandwiched between the copper and the top of the CM3 module.

After 4+ hours of max load on all 4 cores temp is around 55-57° running the below settings !


My slice has doubled in weight :yum: and feels warm to the touch during load testing.
Verry happy with the result ! Nice boost in speed since the CM1 I was using a couple of weeks ago.


would be good tho to have all of variants/solutions with pics at one place and link this post from there


oh, I hope Sunday evening is not too late… I would be interested in 1 if it is possible to send it to Germany… Hope PayPal paying is ok? 10q in advance


Thats exactly why I made this topic…
So all the people can post solutions/pictures. :wink:


I know… I think it will motivate everybody to put/move pictures and explanations here, so we don’t need to jump between different pages


OK so final numbers are as follows

keithM = 1
F1Fanboy = 1
inffy = 1
Sparkplug = 1
Steve_NZ = 3
ronnie136 = 1
Dave = 1
NickB = 2
idfoxx = 1
MikeBuzz = 1
phallam = 1
noggin = 1
pakt = 2
dabar = 1
jg = 1
Mathias = 3
Frankenslag = 1
Ewoks = 1

Total = 24

UK price will be £13 shipped
International Shipping is £2.40 from UK so looking at £15

if you have ordered more than 1 unit the the additional units are £12 each

This are hoping that they can be sent as large letter, i cannot see a reason why not.

Paypal is fine as long as you either cover the costs or pay as gift/friend/family option



Please +5 for me. (US)


keithM = 1 Paid
F1Fanboy = 1 Paid
inffy = 1
Sparkplug = 1
Steve_NZ = 3 Paid
ronnie136 = 1
Dave = 1 Paid
NickB = 2
idfoxx = 1
MikeBuzz = 1
phallam = 1 Paid
noggin = 1
pakt = 2 Paid
dabar = 1
jg = 1
Mathias = 3 Paid
Frankenslag = 1 Paid
Ewoks = 1
devoid = 5
davide = 1


When you make payment please include your forum name :slight_smile:


Mike, I have just sent you £13 via PayPal - hopefully I’ve got it right and you receive it OK!


Received, many thanks :slight_smile:


Mike, I have also just sent payment via PayPal. Thanks very much for sorting all this out.


Thanks Mike, Just sent you a payment on PayPal, any problems just let me know. Cheers, Matthew