Slice CM3 cooling mods


Just paid as a gift - hope you got it.


Mike, just paid as a gift.


too late to have one ? destination Germany


Done via Paypal.

Thanks, Steve


Not to late, just paypal the money and i will add you to the list


Thanks everyone thats already paid


just paid…thank you


Just paid too. Many thanks for sorting this.


Thanks to all that have paid


you should have mine as well :wink: Let me know if you need some more details. Cheers :slight_smile:


Just came in after i posted this :slight_smile:


I’ve Just sent my payment via PayPal. Hopefully I have done it correctly.



Thanks Ian, just got your payment


Just sent £25 hope you got it.



Nothing yet, but paypal can be slow sometimes


Just came in now, thanks for paying :slight_smile:


Payment sent from me too


Hi Michael, I just sent you a paypal payment for £13. Thank you.


Have dropped you an email, as your payment was not as gift/friend/family so have been subject to a fee


Just sent paypal! Thanks again. Keep us updated on progress. Looking forward to this as a nice, well designed solution.