Slice CM3 cooling mods


Thanks everyone, should be able to place the order very soon

@inffy you still want one?


Yes please.

Just made the payment via PayPal



Cheers, just got your payment


Just sent you 15 pounds through PayPal



All payments received, will be sending the the order tomorrow, expect it to take a little while for all to be made up, but will keep you all updated once i have more info


Please do not send payment as payment for services, as i get hit with a fee and also get hit with a fee on refunding payment

Reason for this is that there is no margin at all so every little extra costs is having to be paid by me :frowning:


Heatsinks Ordered :sunglasses:

if anyone else wants to order they need to let me know before the order ships to get the prices as follows

UK price will be £13 shipped
International Shipping is £2.40 from UK so looking at £15

if you have ordered more than 1 unit the the additional units are £12 each

Paypal is fine as long as you either cover the costs or pay as gift/friend/family option


keep us updated (no pressure) when you have more info… Big thanks once again for taking care of logistic… Cheers :wink:


First batch made


All should be ready and be shipped to me Monday, if anyone else wants one please let me know ASAP so that I can get the order in.


payment sent, great mod


No payment received yet, but PayPal can be very slow sometimes


I did send the funds. this is the transaction ID:5SXXXXXXBK4697109

i will forward confirmation email as well.


Hi dale, sorry I though you where another person wanting one, I got you’re payment on the 15th


Hi Mike,
I’ve just sent you the funds for 1 heatsink. Hope I’m not too late


Hi kendrick,

You are number 32 :slight_smile: and now added to the list, items should be with me sometime next week.



Package is on its way!!

Directions for fitting direct from the maker :slight_smile:

For installation I have the following suggestion.
The first step is to put the contact Sticker on the 40mm Side of the cooler.
(You can then cut it round with scissors or leave it square)
Then put the contact paste on the processor side of the cooling part (The small side)
Simple stick a needle in the tape and squeeze the white stuff out. (I left the all together for practice reasons)
Spread a very thin film on the cooler and stick it to the processor board.
Then do a test fit of the lid with the protective side on the cooler still in place!
If the lid fits (Preferable with a little pressure) the next step is to make things permanent.
Open the lid, peel of the protective side of the cooler, place the cooler again right in the middle of the processor and close the lid while nice vertically aligned on the bottom part.
Secure the screws and all is fine.

New Raspberry Pi 3 coming. Soon?

Thanks for fitting me in Mike.



I would also like to order one, if it is not to late? I am based in Germany and could send the money now if you tell me it´s OK?


Yeah that’s fine, send over the payment and you will be number 33

I have 1 left coming in on this batch so if anyone else wants one act quick