Slice CM3 cooling mods


i just sent you GBP 15 through paypal, please let me know when you got it. Thank you so much


Just got the PayPal, many thanks


Hi Mike,

If you still have that last unit available I will take it. I am based in the UK


Yeah 34 has not been spoken for yet, PayPal the payment and it’s yours, hope to get these all posted this coming weekend, as long as I have received them :slight_smile:



Transaction ID: 9U267914YK963812G


Great work Mike, many thanks for your efforts!


Hi @MikeBuzz , would you be willing to ship one to India? Is it too late to place an order?

I will pay for additional shipping charges if needed. :slight_smile:


I might do another group buy if enough interest


Just to let everyone know

25.02.2017 02:15:00 The shipment is at the delivery stage.
23.02.2017 03:20:39 The consignment was sorted at the Hermes logistics center.
22.02.2017 10:39:03 The consignment was sorted at the Hermes logistics center.
21.02.2017 18:08:49 The consignment is located in the Hermes distribution center Rheine.
21.02.2017 09:43:48 The shipment was picked up at Hermes PaketShop and sorted for further transport.
20.02.2017 12:30:17 The shipment has been received in Hermes PaketShop.


Apparently I am late to the party too. Ordered my CM3, but thanks to back-order probably won’t see it for a few weeks. If you run another batch off, let me know as I would like one (as opposed to scouring my local machine shops for copper cast-offs :upside_down_face:). I’m on the west coast of the US, but assume it’s probably no more costly than shipping to India.




thanks for keeping us updated and handling whole logistics… :thumbsup:


Mike, looking through my paypal payment, I’m not sure if my shipping address came across. So I guess when you get to the point of shipping, how would you like us to send you our addresses? My guess would be direct email?

Thanks again for all the help handling this!


Hi, looks like they should be with me any day, i think some people have
already provided a shipping address in the notes of their paypal, for those
that have not, just PM me here with your shipping details :slight_smile:


They are here, i have started packaging up, will finish off the rest tomorrow for postage on Thursday as have the day off work.

Anyone that has not already sent me their address please do so ASAP :slight_smile:


That sounds great! I already provided my address in the notes of my paypal. Thank you for taking care of everything!


Hi Mike,

I dont appear to have the option to send you a PM. I sent you a direct email to the same e-mail address as your paypal. If you dont receive my e-mail let me know if there is another better way for me to send you my shipping details.

Again thanks for all the awesome work!


@dabar @ronnie136

Could you please let me know your address ASAP


Cheers guys for the quick response with the addresses, just missing 1 final address

@Mathias can you send me your address ASAP


All posted to those that I had addresses for, so just 1 awaiting post


Thank you for putting this together